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January 30, 2015

Call It

Friday. I did go to bed quite early, well before eight, took a look at the tablet and decided there was nothing I wanted to watch and so turned out the lights and went to sleep. I awoke at least twice, but didn't have all that much trouble getting back to sleep. Up with the alarm to head off and back from breakfast, just like that. We'll see how the day goes from here, but I started the laundry first thing when I got home. Go figure.

Later. Finished and folded all of the laundry except the socks, that I'll take care of later, before heading over to the construction site to take the usual pictures. The framing is proceeding rapidly and it's getting harder to find images that include people or show day to day results. But we've known that was coming, no need to go over it.

It's now noon, I have a delivery due later. They sent an email (this is the first time this has ever happened) saying it will arrive sometime between two-thirty and five. Or was it between two and eight? Either way their web site says it's out on the truck for delivery. I'm betting it will be after five from past experience.

Something you're waiting on with bated breath?

Something that's been on back order for the last three months, a solar panel battery charger kit, one that will charge all of the various batteries I have in the apartment. Not just the cameras, but the pads, laptops, phones and such. I like the idea of the thing, but it will undoubtedly prove to be totally useless and a bad use of funds. But I ordered the damned thing and didn't cancel the order, although I had those three months to think about it.

There could be an earthquake, the lights could go out for days, the nuclear war could start.

I suspect I'll have much more important things to think about if any of those things should happen and I survive. I own enough crap. Still, it's an exotic device, I may find uses for it I don't foresee right now, but I doubt it. Idiot.

Later still. The solar panel and battery arrived after four and it's now sitting on the desk in the bedroom plugged into the wall socket charging. “Plug it in immediately before you read the rest of these instructions” it said in big letters on the accompanying booklet. OK. Sounds as if it needs more attention than I'd thought it might, underlining the fact I was an idiot to buy it. Nice design, though. Well made. Might plug the solar panel into it tomorrow and see what that's about.

Evening. Another New Tricks I'd seen before (I more than suspect I've seen all of them by now, some more than once) but didn't remember who'd done it until the very end when the scene played out. Again, not sure if this is good or bad, but it allowed me to watch it with interest. Again, not sure the memory hasn't always been thus. (But I suspect not, but I can't quite remember.)

Nothing on television, skipped the Dalziel & Pasco that followed right after and headed to bed, thinking maybe watch something on the tablet or simply turn out the lights and call it a night.

The photo up top was taken this morning at the 460 Grand apartment house construction site with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.