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January 29, 2015

That Yet

Thursday. Another lights out before nine, uneven effort in getting to sleep, awake at five-thirty to get up well before the alarm and get ready to go to breakfast morning. Finished yesterday's journal entry before before setting out so as not to arrive at the restaurant too early, returning to not start a load of laundry. A bit rambling this, but when has that not been so?


Probably a nap. The day has started reasonably well, but we're tired after what was probably not enough sleep.

Later. OK, not so bad. Feel pretty good after lying down for thirty minutes, up to futz around on the web and to create the base web pages for next week's March For Climate Leadership gathering at Frank Ogawa Plaza on February 7th. The sinuses have been relatively quiescent so far and that makes a big difference. So maybe head out now at noon and take the day's apartment construction pictures. The noon hour isn't the best time to be shooting, as many of the workers will be off eating lunch, but we'll wing it and see.

Later still. And so a walk over to the site to find, as suspected, everyone off having lunch. The pictures are bland enough without people in them, but a picture or two to show I was there before heading over to the lake, taking a picture of this van. A young woman opened the window just as I took the shot and asked that I not take photographs. Probably better to choose another paint job if that's an issue you care about. Ah, well. Got it off without getting hit, knifed or shot: in street photography that's called success.

I'd thought of taking a bus downtown, but couldn't think of any reason I wanted to go downtown. Not hungry, although it was now after one. We'll eat later. An ice cream bar at the 7-11 look-alike? Wasn't up for that either, although, had the store suddenly appeared before me, I'd have entered.

Again, good. The sinuses are good, the head relatively clear, even though there's no ambition to do anything more than futz around on the computer. I suspect that's a problem, if not now, then later if it goes on much longer. Do the laundry? Still time to start. Laundry has a place on my showing ambition list.

Evening. And so the day has gone. No laundry done, but we're not quite out of everything yet. Still socks and shorts, t-shirts and pants to get us into next week.

There's an Inspector Lewis that starts at eight followed by another I don't believe I've seen (or heard of) before, but I think I'll take to bed right now and see what I can find on the tablet, see, when eight arrives, if I then want to get up and check it out. I have no idea how that will turn out.

Ending the evening on a note of anticipation and excitement? Do this, do that?

Let's hope it hasn't quite come to that yet.

The photo up top was taken yesterday along Grand Avenue with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.