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January 22, 2015

We'll See

Thursday. Watched all kinds of things in bits and pieces on the tablet last night before turning out the lights, but turned out the lights earlier than I have in the past, sometime not long after eight. Took some time, not a whole lot of time, to get to sleep, but seem to have gotten a decent amount of rest. Awakened by the alarm in the middle of a dream. Nothing notable about it other than the fact I was dreaming and remembered when awake. Still, broke the rule (if there is a rule) about watching things on the tablet and getting some sleep.

Up to notice I'd forgotten to take last night's prescription pills, I'd gotten to bed much earlier than I usually do and it evidently didn't occur to me to take them. Another minor fit of forgetfulness to cap yesterday's day of forgetting a long list of things. We'll mark it down on the bad side of the board and then (rather rapidly) forget about it, forget the fact it happened. Maybe for the best.

Some sun now that it's after eight and the morning overcast is lifting. They're saying another warm day today and through the weekend. We do need rain, I read about the lack of snow and such in the mountains most every morning, but the reality of the thing, the drought, really doesn't hit us here. Oh, I watch the water consumption, easy enough to do, but reality isn't reality unless it gets right up in your face. He said.

People get wiser as they get older. People do say that.

The sluice gates get rusty and creep open as you get older letting the babble rise up and out through your eyes, nose and mouth into the embarrassing open. One way, anyway, to describe the condition.

Later. A walk over to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar, wanted one from some reason, back by the apartment house construction site to take what pictures I could find. They're going full blast, but most of the workers are now hidden inside the framework. No complaints really, we started this and then continued it on a whim.

More futzing with the hard disk, still attempting to copy the system disk to a good disk. Lots of errors using more than one of the software programs that do this kind of stuff. Wish I had a current copy of Ghost. We'll see if we ultimately end up destroying the boot disk. Have backups of everything I might miss, but still. Well, we made a decent living doing this once, no complaints. It's still keeps some semblance of interest.

Later still. I walked over to the morning restaurant after one, more to see what the blocked off streets were about than eating, and found equipment and a parking patch where they had in fact overlaid blacktop, but no one in sight around the trucks and equipment. Well, at least they're done something, but I can see how the local merchants might feel a little miffed losing their parking not for the first time without anyone showing up.

A roll and a cup of coffee at an outside table before walking back by Walden Pond, seeing a paperback copy of Love Janis, a Janis Joplin biography written by her sister, sitting in their sidewalk dollar bin. And it had pictures. No way I could avoid picking it up and then buying it, looking up some of the Austin people in the index I knew in San Francisco when I got home and finding all kinds of references.

One thing I've realized lately is how little interest I seemed to have had in asking people I've gotten to know over the years about their personal histories. Maybe for the best. We suck up to famous names as easily as anyone, but better to know people for who they are, rather than with whom they've exchanged bodily fluids. A recent realization I've been pondering though. Why no curiosity to know more about (most of) the people I've known? Is that good or bad? Would it have made, does it make, a difference? Doesn't matter, it's history now. No time left to change the habit.

Anyway, at first glance, not a badly written book. One of the better two bucks I've spent. I may actually read more of it.

Evening. Not bad day. To bed early, I'd think, to undoubtedly watch something on the tablet, but maybe turn the lights out before nine. Eight would be better, but early enough to ease into sleep by ten, up then feeling better in the morning. But we'll see.

The photo up top was taken at the MLK Day #BlackLivesMatter rally Monday at 14th & Broadway with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.