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January 23, 2015

Then To Bed

Friday. I did get to bed early, I did watch the end of a movie on the tablet and I did ride right into a full bore ocular event that moved my head into a very strange combination of the movie and something else thoroughly unsettling and “different”. I just passively waded through it. Scary in many ways, but a passive if uncomfortable watching of it all unfold, even though I really didn't quite understand what was happening until it was done.

Hard to understand and commiserate from the description.

Managed to get up, turn everything off and get to sleep before nine, awakening around one and then staying in a semi-awake state for a good two hours before going back to sleep and getting up with the alarm. What did I eat yesterday to bring it on? I checked a can of the red clam sauce looking for Monosodium glutamate, found the term “added spices”, but no mention of anything otherwise suspicious.

You did have that chocolate coated Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream bar for lunch.

True. They're small though, not all that much chocolate. One reason I buy them. They're smaller than other choices for the price, but they taste good and they're filling. Satisfy whatever it is that draws me to them. Still. Chocolate. It's on the list and I've often consumed one on a day when one of these things comes around. What? You eat chocolate and it kicks in six hours, eight hours, later?

Anyway, a decent morning, this morning, the head back together, off to breakfast to park outside the restaurant, but then having to move the car to a side street when the construction crew began putting out red traffic cones and laying blacktop. So they've gotten their act together, the last day of the three days the signs say they'll be present. Turned out to be easy enough to move the car, no worries then about leaving by eight now parked on a street without meters. A good breakfast.

Home to marvel over yesterday's uneven copy. We can only moan on for so long over the quality of these entries so I posted the thing and started on this one. They say it may reach seventy tomorrow. Better to look forward to good days coming than focus backward on minor disasters.

Later. A walk over to the apartment house construction site to take the usual set of pictures thinking, well, maybe walk on to have something to eat? But what? No ice cream bars today, no chocolate, no heading on down to the 7-11 look-alike. OK, let's see what progress they're making on the blacktop and eat something out on the patio at the usual place.

And so yes, pictures of their progress, a crew resurfacing an area on Grand under the 580 overpass, another crew finishing up opposite the theater. And so more pictures after a cinnamon bun and coffee at the morning café, a walk then back to the apartment, the day nice, sunny, certainly warmer than it was yesterday.

Worked on the photographs I'd taken earlier, watched Elementary on the computer, remembered to run the Protime home blood test and then go back to the photographs.

Later still. Watched the end of the movie I'd been watching on the tablet last night when I wigged out with the ocular adventure. I really had no idea how it had ended in those last minutes, whatever story line I was following was only going on in my head. So good, tied up a loose end.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now and then New Tricks. I'd seen the New Tricks before, remembered the scenes as they played, but didn't remember the (in this case) lady who'd done it until the end. Such it is in this life, can't quite remember if I had the same routine in the past.

I will undoubtedly bail on Dalziel & Pasco as I'm not able to warm to the Dalziel character and so then to bed.

The photo up top was taken at the MLK Day #BlackLivesMatter rally Monday at 14th & Broadway with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.