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Here In Oakland

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January 21, 2015

Soon Enough

Wednesday. I didn't watch anything on the tablet last night, turned out the lights by nine and seem to have gotten to sleep in a reasonable amount of time, awakening briefly but once an hour before six. Up with the alarm. Does this tell me something about watching whatever on the tablet before turning out the lights? Are these articles on the subject right about how it causes nights of unrest? Am I too fried to understand the concept? We'll see.

Speaking of fried I set out for the car with the papers under my arm, got into the car and noticed I didn't have a camera. Hmm. I've done this before, not often, but often enough to say tsk! tsk! and headed back upstairs to get one.

Fine. A drive to the restaurant to see very few cars parked along the streets. They've had construction signs up saying no parking from six to five now for some time, the dates on the sign saying in was in effect starting this morning. OK, in the past with these signs, nothing has been done until eight and so I parked, but wondered. Into the restaurant to find I'd forgotten my reading glasses.

I keep the cameras, the reading classes and the sun glasses on the same set of shelves in the hallway and pick all three up at the same time when I'm heading out the door for breakfast. I substitute the cell phone for the glasses when I'm not heading for breakfast. Why had I driven back for the camera and not remembered the glasses? Fried?

So a drive back to get the glasses and then, wondering about those signs and the fact I was now running late, decided to walk back to the restaurant, not a long walk, half a mile, no big deal. I did notice, in getting the glasses, I'd forgotten the sun glasses, two return trips where I hadn't stopped to ask myself: now, what again am I after? A sign of the times? A day well underway before the brain kicks in? Brain?

And so a walk back from breakfast taking one or two pictures to document the empty parking stalls along the way, a picture of the construction site as I passed it by, home now feeling pretty good and ready to contemplate the rest of the morning. A day like all days, in other words, just more forgetful.

Later. A walk in the late morning to the breakfast café for a grilled cheese sandwich and a lemonade, curious to see what kind of work they had scheduled to block off the parking on either side of the street for half a mile. No one in sight, no work being done, some few people parked, probably just to duck in and out of a particular store. Maybe we'll know tomorrow, maybe we won't.

A bus from lunch at the café to a stop near the apartment house construction site to take what I could find in the way of photographs, back to the apartment to take ten minutes to download the pictures and then head out again to catch another downtown bus to pick up a prescription refill. I'd have stayed on the bus from the café, but it was crowded, standing room only, and I figured I'd put off the prescription run until later or do it tomorrow. Until I then decided to go right away. Maybe we're still a bit fried.

Home now, the day sunny, really nice, the temperature up in the mid-sixties. Go figure. January, the last third of January, here in a warmer than any of us can remember Oakland. The balcony door is wide open and, although the fan isn't on, I'm thinking about it.

Later still. Managed to get through to Dell tech support on the phone and they were able to fix the problem I was having with that hard drive. Still some things to do, but things I know how to do. It will take time, but only because I'm not pressing. I'm retired. Life is less pressing (and more spacey).

Feel pretty good, the morning fuzziness gone (hard to judge when you're not doing anything that can lead to obvious errors), we'll watch Democracy Now as we most always do and then think about bed time. Watch something on the tablet? After last night when I didn't and got what seems to have been a decent night's sleep?

You don't want to hear my guess.

It's six in the evening. We'll know soon enough.

The photo up top was taken at the MLK Day #BlackLivesMatter rally Monday at 14th & Broadway with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.