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January 20, 2015

No Idea

Tuesday. Watched stuff on the tablet last night right up to when I turned out the lights before ten to then have the usual trouble getting to sleep. Should I be surprised? Woke up an hour late realizing I'd forgotten to set the alarm and so off to breakfast and the papers running an hour late.

Home by nine to hurriedly look over and then post yesterday's entry that, in looking at it later when I'd returned from my ten o'clock haircut appointment, was full of errors. Incomprehensible in parts. We fixed some obvious ones, we'll look at it later and look for less obvious others. Right now we're feeling a little fried.


Just, you know, not tired, but fried. A state similar to tired. The brain just sledding along, doing what it always does, but not quite paying attention. And a bit hungry.

You really are fried.

Probably not the best time to write.

Later. A walk over to the burger shop to pick up a grilled chicken sandwich. I'd had one of the raspberry cookies and coffee on the way home from the haircut on top of what I'd had for breakfast, yet I was still hungry. Ate the sandwich and then prepared pasta with red clam sauce for a chaser. We're holding our weight OK, but lately the disinterest in food has been abating. Is this good or bad? Depends on the mood and how fried I might be at any given time.

I did get over and shoot pictures at the construction site, but somehow haven't yet gotten around to processing them. We'll wait until tomorrow. Progress on the construction, they're clearly making progress on framing the fourth floor, but one more floor to go before they reach the building roof. Not sure how to photograph it at that point, maybe look at one of those camera drones everyone seems to be buying.

You're going to fly a camera drone in this neighborhood.

It's called flying while fried. I can see the expression on the judge's face now as I sit here writing.

Evening. Not much to say for the day, watching this and that on television and on the tablet and then (what else?) watched the State of the Union speech starting at six. Watched some of the following Republican response before turning it off and heading for bed. A good speech. Sounded good, but experience and the current Congress has shown us how little any of it seems to matter.

All of which means?

I have no idea.

The photo up top was taken at the MLK #BlackLivesMatter rally yesterday at 14th & Broadway with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.