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January 2, 2015

And So Success!

Friday. Took some time again to get to sleep after lights out before ten last night, but awake and up just before six to head off to breakfast on another clear morning, the gas prices jumping eight cents a gallon overnight. They've been warning gas prices would increase this year due to climate change based requirements the state had put into law on the making of gasoline, but the oil companies have been warning the requirements would result in increases along the line of as much as seventy cents or more a gallon. Is this jump the actual figure? Crude prices have continued to fall. Be interesting to see. Good timing for a gas price increase (to fight global warming) when prices have been dropping so quickly.

Anyway, the energy and attitude are even better than they were yesterday when I went off on a New Year's resolutions kick. Makes me wonder how much our attitude and reality are based on something like a delicate chemical balance in the body or emotionally surviving another set of holidays or the rise of the tides? Whether or not you got a decent nights sleep? But enough of that, we'll continue with implementing our resolutions for the New Year. Take advantage. And try to shut up.

Later. Most of the morning spent continuing in the bedroom, replacing the filter in the air purifier, finishing clearing up the desk, dusting needy surfaces, rearranging books and framed prints, vacuuming more of the rug and tossing out old magazines. A good two hours progress. We are not amazed, but we are, well, humble, scratching our head. It's almost as if doing the laundry had turned into a trip to the amusement park.

That's enough.

A bus downtown in a light jacket under a bright sun to the City Center for lunch, a turkey with Swiss bagel sandwich (everything but onions, we've never gotten our head around onions on our sandwiches since we were very young) and coffee. Oh, and a cinnamon bun. They sell a nice cinnamon bun.

A walk then up Telegraph and then over to Broadway, no idea what they were talking with these folks about. I'm pretty careful when I'm taking pictures of the cops just, you know, because. A bus home from a stop halfway along Grand, a picture as I was crossing at my stop that didn't turn out as I'd hoped and now back to look at the bedroom again (the air purified still humming right along), listen to the news and write this draft. If the energy holds we may try a second draft and additional edits.

If you should suddenly begin verging on comprehensible here you'll ruin a hard earned reputation.

The mood is good, the energy is with us and so we are wont to babble.

Later still. Time watching whatever on the tablet while lying in bed to wind up the afternoon. Progress on the bedroom, good, but two hours is more than enough time to spend for one day, we'll see how we do tomorrow.

Evening. Democracy Now at five-thirty, a look at a New Tricks I'd seen before, but didn't remember who'd done it and so to bed to see about getting a longer night's sleep. I'm assuming one is coming, you can't sleep but six hours night after night and not necessarily a solid six hours every night, and survive. Right? More sleep tonight?

Still, another day feeling good, actually spent some time on the guitar, watched more of Grey's Anatomy than any sensible person would survive alive admit. I'd say it's a maudlin “chick flick” playing out in a never ending number of chapters, except saying such would be politically incorrect. Besides, the bedroom has made excellent progress.

And so?

And so success!

The photo up top was taken along Grand by Lake Merritt this noon hour with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.