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January 1, 2015

Is Enough

Thursday. New Year's Day. A clear headed day yesterday to the point I continued to be buzzy right straight through into the evening and didn't get to sleep until sometime after midnight. Yes, lights out before ten, but lying there thinking I seem to be awake (or pretty much awake), hearing the fireworks going off at midnight in the distance thinking most of it, at least, didn't sound like gunfire.

Still, awakening this morning at six without having set the alarm, up easily enough to start this first day of the New Year on track. People make resolutions and plans. Why not I was my novel thought.

Novel thought. You really haven't innovated crap with one or two exceptions since your retired. How long ago was that?

Six years. Six years auto-writing here every day, ducking out on doing anything different or productive.


I've been thinking maybe a short list. Yes, resolutions. Changes. Starting them this morning.

Writing them down?

Starting them. Begin one before noon, the list itself coalescing as we progress. I know what they are, what will be on the list. Everyone does.

Later. One item on the list is to clean up the apartment on a routine basis starting today with the bedroom and bathroom. Nothing too strenuous, but clear out any and all magazines I don't want or need - it's hard to toss the photography magazines, no surprise there - and then get the bedroom desk in order. Which I began this morning.

Very easy to crap out after a day or two, you know. Most people do.

I once smoked, I once carried forty pounds more than I now do for much of my existence. We can manage a little vacuuming, keep the desk clear and dust on a schedule. We have an air purifier sitting in the corner. When was the last time I turned it on? Not today, I remembered it just now, but we've started tasks that need continuity so we'll crank up that air purifier just for the hell of it tomorrow.

Tired and slightly foggy for parts of this day, but otherwise in decent shape. No sign of the ocular weird stuff. A walk to the 7-11 look-alike for a pint of vanilla ice cream, bean dip and a small package of Doritos. Ate them all while watching a movie lying in bed on the tablet. It's a holiday and we're allowed. No chocolate, though. We'll remain chocolate-shy until we don't.

Evening. I'm no longer able to clearly receive the French 24 hour news channel. Bummer. I can get it on the computer and it's been playing in the background through the afternoon, but that's not the same thing. And the local station has dropped the Korean channel it says on a printed announcement on the screen. I mostly bitch about their programming, but still. Now and again something of interest would come along and surprise me.

Well, unexpected changes. You're talking about making changes, maybe say this may be a bonus and go with the flow. Netflix and Amazon aren't enough?

Nothing, I suspect, is enough.

The photo up top was taken at the Oak Park steam engine late in November in Portland with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.