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December 31, 2014

Again Tomorrow

Wednesday. Right to sleep last night after getting to bed at eight or nine, similar to the night before, awakening thirty minutes before the alarm. I'm not sure this is the best way to arrange a good night's sleep, the Voodoo precursor required is a little too weird and upsetting. Well, weird. If it continues to show up we'll add upsetting.

The usual thoughts as to what to blame. I did have, not a chocolate ice cream bar when I was out shooting pictures the day before, but a frozen Snickers candy bar instead. They were out of ice cream bars and I'd settled for the Snickers. Chocolate covered Snickers. We'll not forgo chocolate permanently without better evidence, but today we'll avoid it to see if it makes a difference. These things come and then they go and it's not unusual to have two in a row. Don't you know.

Off to breakfast to discover they'll be open tomorrow. Good (at least for me). Thought about picking up sake at the supermarket on the way home to, um, celebrate the New Year later, but decided, after these last two nights, I'll pass. Want the evening to arrive unencumbered by chocolate or alcohol, see it coming with a reasonably clear head if it's coming at all.

So we're on tenterhooks going into this New Year's Eve?

If we weren't babbling about this, we'd be babbling about something else.

Later. A walk over to the construction site, the air crisp, people up on the site erecting the third story framework and so the usual pictures, some conscious looking through the eyepiece, some somewhat unconscious holding the camera up over the fence and shooting, looking at the live view image on the back of the camera to get an idea of the shot. I sometimes like the unconscious pictures better than the directed shots.

Inner or outer directed, the ones you've posted all look like crap.

Today's outing didn't turn out the way I first thought.

Still clear headed, no complaints and so a bus to the ATM on Broadway, deciding to come back home instead of walking on farther to the City Center. Stopped to sit somewhere it was warm and have coffee and a small bun at the café beside the Christ the Light Church while waiting on a bus rather than sit or stand outside pretending it wasn't cold. So far, so good.

A picture of the construction site as I got off the bus and was waiting to cross the street at the light. They're saying it will get up into the mid-fifties today, the wind that blew down trees and branches last night dying down by noon. It's now noon.

So far, so good?

So far, so good.

Evening. No urges yet to lie down on the bed and watch another episode of the Netflix series that went wiggy on me these last two nights. No chocolate today. A small glazed bun while waiting on that bus earlier. Kept it to scrambled eggs and a small portion of country potatoes at breakfast and took what I hope wasn't a chance with pasta and red clam sauce for a late lunch, early dinner. Feel good. Then again it could skip tonight and show up again tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at a 50th wedding anniversary party a long time ago.