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December 30, 2014

Went To Bed

Tuesday. A decent night's sleep, even with the way it started. Awake and up maybe once during the night, but otherwise a straight through gallop to the alarm. Another clear day heading off to breakfast and back, returning, making it a point to see if anyone was running their wash in the laundry room. No one was and so upstairs to gather the clothes and start two loads. We've been putting this off for a while and we're getting close to running out of shorts. We'll do much to put off doing laundry, but not to the point of no clean shorts. Certainly not.

And so, yesterday's entry requiring more work to eliminate some of the more incomprehensible stuff, carting loads of dirty laundry downstairs, five loads this time instead of the usual four. Ah, well. The holidays. Probably a factor. You never know.

Anyway, sunny out there, the laundry still underway, but a trip downtown for that prescription refill and then over to the book store for a calendar after they're done. And construction site pictures.

And a nap?

I'm not sure. Maybe not, after last night. The ocular thing again was a light weight episode: came, made you uncomfortable, but put you to sleep without fuss. A decent night's sleep from the feel and the length of it, but you never really know.

Later. Check the laundry in the drier on the way over to the construction site to take pictures where I could find them, shooting into the sun from up behind the project, doing what I could to find activity inside. Good, done, back home to empty the drier on the way up back home.

Fold the t-shirts, hang the shirts and trousers, make the bed (looks and feels good, everything tight and nice, should think about this when I'm debating doing the laundry and the laundry is losing the argument). But I digress.

A bus downtown to pick up the prescription refill, some internal debate about whether to eat something over in the City Center and head on to the book store to pick up that needed calendar before returning home, deciding on lunch.

A turkey with Swiss bagel sandwich and coffee out at a table. A bit cold, but dressed for it. Gusts of wind, though. Wasn't expecting those and so finished up at a nearby table situated under an overhang protected from the wind, this after my paper cup and its remaining coffee having been blown over.

A walk to the Rotunda building, still had time to kill, a raspberry shortcake cookie and more coffee (they really are good, these raspberry shortcake cookies) before walking to the bus stop and taking the bus to the book store beyond the theater to buy that calendar. Good. Got lucky, a bus arrived at a stop as I was passing, caught the bus, home to lie down and rest the head. For what little I'd done I was tired.

Later still. Lying in bed, watching an episode of the same series I'd been watching yesterday on the tablet, the same ocular whatever it was visited and twisted the mind in strange directions. Lying there, not quite noticing that things had gone to Bakersfield until the characters were too obviously talking in tongues. English, but alien.

That doesn't make any sense.

You're beginning to understand the problem.

Evening. The head better, decided to lie down again after folding up the pairs of socks while watching Democracy Now, figured I might head for bed and watch that episode that had gone to hell earlier to see what had actually happened, decided against it and watched the episode that followed.

This time a stronger version of the thing came along. We somewhat shakily packed up the evening - shut down the main computer in the living room area, put the tablet and its stand away, put on a clean t-shirt (the current one was too damp), checked to see I'd taken my evening meds, took a blood pressure reading out of curiosity - and went to bed.

The photo up top was taken of the Telecaster last December with the Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.