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Here In Oakland

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December 29, 2014

Until Morning

Monday. More Grey's Anatomy on the tablet, but lights out early enough and to sleep at a decent hour, up with the alarm feeling reasonably human. Off to breakfast and back on another sunny morning, the general thought being the day has started well. We'll see soon enough, but after an attempt at a nap, just in case. You understand.

You seem a bit wobbly.

Only just now while writing this, a certain not unfamiliar funkiness having arrived, otherwise we're starting well.

Later. A certain funkiness gave way to an hour's nap, most of it sleep, up to check the Alameda court house web site to see they'd canceled their juror call for the day which means I'm free and clear for another year. One day they'll bite me and I'll be surprised. Not a problem. A year is forever here in Oakland. This Oakland of mine.

So, no lens from Nikon yet, let's see if we can get the apartment house construction site pictures taken and return to the apartment before it arrives. I hear the sounds of hammers calling in the distance.

And if it does come when you're out shooting?

We'll keep within eye sight. Later, after it's arrived, we'll pick up a 2015 calendar for the kitchen. I have appointments to enter, more doctors to see this coming month.

Later still. A walk over to the construction site as they were packing up metal supporting framework sections, a walk on then to Bellevue where they were cracking open the street for the third or fourth time to put in whatever they were putting in, some pictures up behind the site to show the recently delivered pallets of lumber. Not all that many workers, unless there were more than I realize inside, but progress, none the less.

Back to the apartment, no sign yet of the repaired lens, we'll wait until it arrives. I can always pick up a calendar (and a waiting prescription refill) tomorrow. Take it easy. No reason to push.

So the day continues to go well now into the mid-afternoon. We'll watch (or more likely listen) to the news and then do something novel and exciting like watching more episodes of the Amazon series and the Netflix series that have my attention. Only so much irony in saying novel and exciting, I'm feeling pretty good.

Evening. The lens arrived in mid-afternoon, nicely packed. Looks good (as it should for what it cost to have repaired), added the UV filter carefully to avoid dust, snapped on the lens shade and fitted it on a camera. Pictures tomorrow.

I'd seen the Death In Paradise that started at seven and so to bed early to watch some of the usual stuff on the tablet, relaxing, watching when the story lines became familiarly twisted. Twisted? Familiarly twisted? Suddenly there were dark shadows under the characters’ eyes, words and sentences suddenly seemed totally off the wall for the tone that had been established for the series I was watching. Ah. Yes. Another (light) ocular migraine variation.

Turn off the tablet, brush the teeth, back to bed and turn out the lights. At least this one wasn't all that intense and they have the upside of tending to help put you to sleep. No turning over in bed noticing the time is getting later on the digital clock; just, you know, sleep. Right through until morning.

The photo was taken today approaching the apartment house construction site with the Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.