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January 2, 2014

Eight O'Clock
Thursday. I watched more episodes of the Seattle detective series on Netflix and drank the sake last night over the course of perhaps three hours: three servings of sake over the three hours, about right; more hours on Netflix, too many I suspect. A good use of a New Year's Day? Who knows? Who in their right mind would think to keep score?

Still, awake just before the alarm with a clear head to get up and out the door without particular effort, back to remember the rent had been due yesterday, something I'd best take care of before the morning is out.

Yesterday was a holiday, the mind focusing on it and thereby managing to forget other reoccurring commitments. No big deal, no one's upset, I'll not be the last apartment to put the envelope through the slot in the garage, not something I haven't missed doing in the past, but another indication our mind is now more prone to wander.

And so what for the New Year (one day later)? A resolution to at least follow through on the two tasks I've been putting off for months: finish the paperwork adding assets to the living trust by the end of day tomorrow and add a lens bought months back to the camera insurance. How long have I been putting these off? I have?

You have.

Make sure the new credit card number has been posted to the various places it needs to be posted. Every time they decide to change the card for reasons (known only to them) means you have to remember who it is out there that has it on file and needs to be contacted with the new number. Paypal? Don't use Paypal very often, but it's on the list along with the health insurance, the camera insurance, the ISP and the domain name registry. Are there others I've missed. Oh, right, Amazon.

Something you read about causing others to stumble over, ways to mismanage their day to day affairs as they get older, something for me to think about for the future. Interesting and a little scary, if not now, then soon. Today? Tomorrow?

Babble, babble.

It's one of the symptoms.

Later. A walk over to the lake thinking I've taken too many walks over to the lake exactly like this one with a camera in hand, too many bus rides downtown (with a camera on the lap) and maybe it's the season or the weather or whatever, but I suspect it would not be a good thing for this feeling to continue for long.

Does this then lead to a soliloquy about taking a trip, exploring new places, meeting people or buying another necessary item of camera equipment? Changing your diet? Drinking more? Drinking less? Giving up bacon, chocolate and Monosodium Eliminate?

In this case it led to a nap and a couple of pictures. We are in a bind, yes, but we're not sure what kind of a bind, whether it's psychological, physiological, scatological or numerological.

Later still. Tune the guitar and go through the new lesson after goofing off yesterday and so starting early today. Get in an hour before we usually start. Hup. It's the New Year (for at least the next week).

Evening. An Inspector Lewis, two of them running back to back starting at eight. Let's hope I haven't seen them in the past. Not sure about the Elementary at ten. The CBS site doesn't seem to stress it's a new episode and so I assume it's probably not and I'll be able to get to sleep at a decent hour. The tension builds as it approaches eight o'clock.

The photo up top was taken of a neighborhood building near the lake while walking home this morning on Grand with a Nikon D4 and a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens