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January 3, 2014

Week That Follows
Friday. Both of the Inspector Lewis episodes last night were repeats and I, of course, didn't remember who done it in either one of them, at least not when they first started, and so decided life was probably too short to watch them again and retired to the bedroom to look through the latest New Yorker, up again to find there was, in fact, a new Elementary episode at ten.

Hmm. I wasn't up for watching the new Elementary episode at ten after the first ten minutes, this comic book treatment of Moriarty a bit too over the top, so we'll watch it later today on the web. I'm assuming they still post them the next day on the web.

Perhaps the year is starting better than you think and your interest in Elementary is fading as your mind is now coming back to life, progressing?

Let us not go off the deep end with this kind of talk.

All of which led to getting to bed not long after ten and getting up with the alarm feeling reasonably whole and ready for a Friday. Off to breakfast on a day they're saying will reach the mid-sixties, sunny and all that, so we'll see. But after a nap. After ten is still after ten, whether we got to sleep right away or not.

Later. An hour's nap. Good. Awake to futz with the computer contemplating what to do next. The sinuses and upper palate are aching - not good - wonder if it's because I'd put pressure on them somehow with the head on the pillow while napping. I'm never sure.

Still, clear headed, the vision perfect, a walk over to the lake thinking where would I like to go, are there any pictures to be taken, it's in the mid sixties, how good is that? Pretty good, the mid-sixties, but no ambition to go downtown or around the lake or over to the morning restaurant and so a walk back to the apartment.

We'll pick up the guitar after a very good day yesterday, the inside of the ring finger still sore after all those barre chords. I obviously need to go through my barre chords every day the way I go through my scales, not let these callouses disappear.

Later still. The ring finger is very tender and I've been playing in short segments, pressing as lightly as I can down on the strings. Practicing the moves and the rhythm, but again not pressing too hard. Which doesn't really work, but we'll try, at least get the ring finger tougher over these next few days.

Another New Year's resolution - yes, I guess I made some - is finding another way into this guitar business that feels better, that has more to do with the music than some daily running of scales. I said I'd take lessons and practice until I could play Layla. Not super well, just, you know, play a recognizable version. It's considered moderately difficult and I've been going through some of the riffs since I began playing. Maybe just learn to play it all the way through. Doodle-dee-do.

And that's the reason you're learning to play?

As good as any other.

Evening. Watched Elementary on the web. Not sure it's quite worth having to experience the ads, although I cooked up some spaghetti while they were running. The story line is, well, impossible, and Mr. Holmes issues with drugs and empathy are, well, elementary, issues usually addressed by adolescents by the age of ten. I'm still taken by Ms. Liu, of course, but that too is both adolescent and elementary.

More Netflix (having trouble getting my head around their offerings), more guitar using band-aids on the ring finger as cushions, nothing otherwise on television after seven so we'll get to bed early. I have a morning dentist's appointment. A teeth cleaning, I forget if we're due for x-rays. That and then we're done with any more responsibilities for the weekend and the entire week that follows.

The photo up top was taken at last year's San Francisco Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens