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Here In Oakland

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January 1, 2014

To Go There
Wednesday. Indeed to bed by ten, drifting off to sleep soon enough (it tends to be a slow process), but looking up to see it turn midnight and hear the fireworks and gunfire in the distance. Yes, gunfire in the distance, but you get used to it, hope they're shooting in some direction where there are no people. Or small kitty cats, dogs or endangered species.

Awake and then up after seven, heading out for breakfast at seven-thirty, the time my morning restaurant opens this New Year's Day. Read the papers, not very many other diners present, my waitress refusing to take payment or accept a tip to start the new year. A good sign, I guess. Either way a good sign, we're into better times. Silly to be otherwise.

Later. Lots of people out walking around the lake and on the sidewalks heading for breakfast and coffee, the day obviously a good day to get outside. Over to the lake with a long lens to take but one or two pictures, no birds doing other than snoozing off shore, a single guy juggling a cloth ball of some kind on his foot. He wasn't bad, actually, wonder if it helps with his soccer playing or it's just for idle sport?

Home to futz with the computer thinking maybe something for lunch. I'd gone by the supermarket after breakfast and bought one or two things and so ate a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter and cottage cheese for the moment. Not sure why I bought the peanut butter without any bread or crackers. Not that we pay attention to such stuff.

Still hungry, obviously, off to the morning restaurant to have a cheeseburger, ice cream and lemonade. When you're hungry you take care of hungry, the hell with it.

A cheeseburger? We're worried over two strips of bacon and you're having a cheeseburger? Two of the items high up on the verboten list?

We are fighting our fate. I picked up sake at the supermarket this morning as well. Why I can't tell you as I don't know, but I knew I was going to get it the second I walked through the door.

Evening. And so that Seattle detective series on Netflix for most of the rest of the day and in through the evening. It's well done, interesting to some degree and I don't really relate to either of the main characters. Desperate for entertainment or revealing something I don't know about my own character?

The character you are or the character you imagine yourself to be?

Maybe best not to go there.

The photo up top was taken at a 50th wedding anniversary party some many years ago with a Nikon F5 and (probably) an 80-200mm f/2.8 Nikkor lens