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January 30, 2012

Understand The Problem
Monday. No more Google browser error messages: good. To bed last night early and up a little late: good. The morning sun up, looks like a clear day ahead: good. The head screwed on reasonably tight, no visual distortions, no ‘tiredness’, no rats scurrying in the walls: very good indeed. Maybe catch up on things today. Maybe. (Laugh.)

Later. A short walk out and along the lake and back, ‘partly sunny’ a more accurate description of the day. Still hopeful, though. Talk about knowing what I'll be doing and where I'll be at any given time during a morning or an afternoon: when's the last time I've missed my morning walk along this very path? But I guess that's alright. Unless I'm fretting. Am I fretting? Maybe, if I'm bringing it up.

The two now cleaned and adjusted cameras are nice, almost like having new ones in hand. Not that the specs of dust were all that intrusive or hard to remove quickly in Photoshop, but still, the very idea was a bother. So it's nice to open an image and not see any imperfections other than those brought in by the shooter. Not that I'm guilty imperfections, of course, we're in our hup! hup! mode this morning and, right or wrong, all is well with the world.

Later still. A second walk to (where else?) the morning restaurant for an afternoon lunch. Well, a scone and a cup of coffee. A walk then around the loop to the bank and then the greeting card shop to buy a birthday card for the nephew, who's birthday is only a month after Christmas, so he gets most of whatever he may get in the way of gifts pretty much at the same time of the year. I never quite felt that when I was young, but then my birthday is another month later.

Back now after two. The day has gone to grey skies. Not too cold, not too warm, but overcast and less than perfect. No complaints, it could be raining, but a day to walk along looking inward and wondering about the not so far future. I more than suspect I've got to do make some changes before too long, but we'll think about it tomorrow. Thinking about it tomorrow is one of the things I have to do something about, but that's obvious. Just so you know I know.

“Just so you know I know”? I'd say we've gone off the track.

Well, again, this is new territory and I'm wobbling. I'm getting slower - the walk was interrupted by sitting down a couple of times to watch the world roll by and gain perspective - the adventuresome spirit is waning and well, there's a list, the more troubling of which is how easily I'm able to put things off. Until the last minute. Not something I did as a kid, at least that I remember. Not that I remember.

We all gloss over the, um, accidents of our younger days as we age I'd say.

Hard now to remember.

But, well, in the same vein I've finally (just now) arranged for the spinal MRI (this Saturday morning) in time to have it ready for the appointment with the neurologist in the week following. How long have I been putting this off? Two months? Evidently the doctor's office had a bad home number and they've been trying to track me down to make the appointment (my home number was a digit off, something I've been good at doing/forgetting now for a couple of years). A bad number. I seem to be creating a list of bad numbers.

I'm not looking forward to the MRI, but given the sinus-upper palate and every other damned thing, I'm ultimately determined to get it done (although this last minute performance shows I'm still dragging). Of course I'm assuming they might conceivably find something that one hopes can be fixed. Not sure I want to know if they find something that can't. They do these things either way, you know, for reasons they at least find convincing.

And so you're all caught up?

I just put a call in for the much delayed pulmonary test (with a name I can't pronounce). Now I'm done and caught up.

Evening. Hmm. Another good evening, feeling clear headed. Sat down, copied and then modified a bunch of stuff on artandlife for hereinoakland, for what reason I'm not sure other than I'd like to get it done, but once I start I don't seem to want to stop.

Over an hour on the guitar, half watching another Scandinavian police procedural at six, so the guitar time is done (I'm downloading a new set of songs from a Beatles album that I'll be playing along with later) and I'm looking forward to getting to bed not long after nine, so the evenings continue to go just fine (me oh mine).

This isn't altogether coherent.

You're starting to understand the problem.

The bicycle rack knitting bomb this morning taken with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.