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January 29, 2012

Get Used To It
Sunday. To bed early and asleep by ten, up this morning at seven, so I assume a pretty good night's sleep. Off to breakfast and back on what is going to be a warm sunny not unlike yesterday day, I'd think, so the prognosis is good. So far, so good.

They evidently had about a thousand people show up at City Hall for the Occupy Wall Street demonstration at noon. Later, when they attempted to ‘occupy’ the empty Kaiser Center there was trouble and two hundred people were arrested. The arrests seem to have taken place after dark, long after I'd have left had I attended in the first place. An opportunity for pictures missed, but then I knew that going in. Or not going in.

I was greeted with a Google browser message saying my journal site was infected with malware, that a number of other sites hosted by my ISP on their server had been reported with malware and that apersonalsite itself had infected two other sites linked to it yesterday. Great.

The Google browser allowed me to go into the journal (are you sure? are you sure you want to do this?) and then, in trying it with Internet Explorer, it allowed me to go in without any warning message at all, but this is something I obviously have to clear up today with my ISP.

I'm pretty careful about viruses and such having some experience with computers, but you never know. Anyone else get such a message? Did you computer melt when you entered? I'm kidding, but just. There's a first time for everything. No problem with artandlife and hereinoakland, which is perhaps odd as they're hosted (I think) on the same server, but we'll see soon enough. This is excitement of a kind I don't much like.

Later. A couple of sessions with the ISP. They say they've cleaned up the problem, a configuration file that sits on the server and is often attacked by hackers (gives me the warm and fuzzies, it does - hackers), so we'll see what we'll see. Same with the Google browser warnings, the tech saying that's been taken care of as well, although I'm still getting them. Probably takes a little time. Still. Don't need to do this more than once. Right? Gods and Fates that be? Just once? OK with you? OK with me.

Later still. A pretty nice day indeed, the sun and the clear sky, warm enough to call it a spring day I'd say. And the whatever blahs I had these last few days are gone, no tiredness or need for a nap. Cross my fingers. What in the hell now am I going to write about?

A bus half the way downtown to hit the ATM and then walk on to City Hall. There was a small crowd of Occupy people beside Ogawa Plaza as I suspected there might after last night's tangle with the police. A single picture of the few signs in evidence, no interest in being aggressive and shooting any more pictures than this. A bus then back to the morning restaurant for a scone and coffee before walking home. Again, a nice day, the attitude good, more to come, maybe, with the to-do list. The ever present to-do list that does indeed seem to be getting shorter.

Dream on, McDuff.

Late afternoon. Again, a good day, a good attitude, feeling fine. Hup, hup and all that. Futzed with the web site for a while, managing to screw up the FTP account before straightening it out. You learn, you learn. Time to get to the guitar, I think, finally play the song we've been working on straight through about a dozen times instead of practicing it in pieces. The notes, the chords, the riffs I have down, it's just connecting them smoothly and learning to play them straight through that I've for some reason been avoiding.

Why I don't know. Yes, my setup is a little more complicated than it should be with the way the song is played through the laptop, but that's no excuse for someone who's done this before.

The web site still comes up with a malware warning in the Google browser. The tech at the ISP said he'd cleared the browser problem and so maybe it takes time to contact Google, but how much time? Does it matter? Well, yes it does, or I wouldn't be fretting.

Evening. More time on copying the Oakland Holiday Parade from artandlife to hereinoakland. There are many little gotcha's to throw you off. I think I have it nailed, but I'll leave it and check it again tomorrow before putting it up. For someone who does a lot of HTML I don't know all that much about HTML. Some would say the same for me with photography. I occasionally admit to it. Once or twice before lunch, usually. But this isn't going anywhere I like.

Tonight's police procedural is the one set in Venice, but done in German by, I assume, a German production company for German television. It's OK. Still has these little things that grate, but then maybe that's the future, my future, might as well get used to it.

Walking along Grand Avenue yesterday morning taken with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.