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January 31, 2012

Unless I Don't
Tuesday. As I said, a good evening last night, although I got to bed later than I was planning. Another section of photographs that somehow needed copying and converting from artandlife to hereinoakland. I start and then I don't stop. There's some good, some enthusiasm in that, so no complaints.

Still, an uneven night's sleep, up with the alarm on a grey overcast morning, to breakfast and back by eight, the head reasonably clear, the sinus-upper palate aching, but no more than the norm. There are things to do today, I may get around to some of them.

Yesterday's entry again was ragged. I'm too close to it, of course, but I can tell ragged from ragged, the mind drifting in little snippets. I haven't really sat down and written anything with the proper care in years now. I say that and I'd like to say, well, maybe I should try it, but I won't. At least today. Or this week. Or maybe forever, however long is forever.

Maybe best to stop here when you're not too far behind.

Later. Ah, an hour's nap and now (wow) sun. “Houston, we are on the bus!”

Later still. A bus downtown under what was a mixed overcast sky, not quite the bright sun I was hoping, but a walk along the plaza area in front of the City Hall before having coffee and a raspberry cookie in the Rotunda building. One lone picture just because you really can't go there and not take one. A walk on then to buy next month's bus ticket at the transit office before heading home down Broadway and then on the the lake on Grand, seeing something in the distance.

Kismet, or whatever. I wouldn't have seen them had I been on the bus. A detour along the lake to take a couple of pictures up close, continuing on to cut back to Grand and pick up an ice cream cone at the 7-11 look-alike.

It wasn't the ice cream, the mouth was already feeling dry and, entering the apartment, there were one or two other recognizable ocular migraine precursors (mild precursors) flitting about, although sitting down at the computer and going through the photographs seems to have calmed it down. That and a half hour's nap. Gotta watch the sleep, I guess, it's easy to make excuses and end up short.

So, since I've kept track of what I've been eating, I'm not sure why this happened. Not the sort of day to have sushi you'd say, playing with fire, although that would be an interesting test. The rest of the day, now that it's mid-afternoon, on the guitar, if I were smart, my lesson coming up tomorrow.

Evening. Another section moved over from artandlife to hereinoakland, the Miscellaneous Oakland section, much larger than the others, so far, but more easily moved, as I didn't need to change any of the file, image or directory names. Basically, in the original artandlife design, what eventually became the Miscellaneous section was the only section and individual events - this parade, that festival - came into being later, as the number of photographs started to get out of hand.

Anyway, only one more left to move, the Occupy Wall Street section, and it's the largest by far with over a thousand photographs. We'll maybe wait on that. Then again, given the energy of these last few days, maybe not. Hit the road running before spring (a ding, ding).

A good evening. I've been putting off guitar practice, why I have no idea, but I'll get to it pretty soon. I think. Now that it's after six. Unless I don't.

A window display along Broadway taken with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.