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At a birthday lunch in Oakland

January 21st, 2003

Out On Safari
A trip down the peninsula to Palo Alto for a blood test and a few words with the doctor. "How's the incontinence?" Good, I'm down to a single pad during the day and at the end of the day it's dry. Stained, but dry.

"Good. A third of my patients are finished with pads by the second month, two-thirds by the third. Ninety-two percent by the sixth." OK. Three months. I'll try a weekend without a pad. Experiment. See how it goes.

"And erections?" Nada. "Fine, much too early for erections. Give it time." OK.

A long drive down, a long drive back. Incredible traffic around the hospital. It really is a large hospital. I arrived early and had a Caesar salad. Nice Caesar salad. Back to work by half past noon, finished the day at seven-thirty. The dizziness came back as I was arriving at the office, but one of the vertigo pills seems to have stopped it. Another pill around six. They say take three a day, so two seems hopefull. The prostate surgeon said recuperating from the surgery doesn't generally cause dizziness. "Get it looked at, it can be serious." Yes. Best it be vertigo, something caused by the inner ear. Ears, Nose and Throat sounds much nicer than Neurologist.

A long day. I picked up the one roll of film I've shot in many too many weeks. I'll try something more ambitious this weekend. Take the anti-vertigo tablets and set out on safari.

The photograph was taken at recent birthday lunch for one of our fellow workers. She's not going to like it, but it's a good photo.