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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

January 20th, 2003

Day Of Reckoning
This afternoon the dizziness almost disappeared or all but disappeared. Something like that. Been some time since the world wasn't turning an extra revolution. Be nice if that holds true tomorrow.

Otherwise, an uneventful day. Yes, I went into work thinking I'd leave if things took a turn ("cough! cough!") for the worse, as I was feeling dizzy this morning, but not that dizzy. I wanted to show up under my own steam at the Monday morning meeting. Axe any rumors. A couple of people took me aside and said "Look, this person and that person took two months, three months, whatever they needed when they had this or that operation. Take what you need, no one will blink." And they meant it. And, if needed, I'll do it, but again, today went well, as well as any day since November, and better to be there than here feeling the way I do now, all things considered.

Tomorrow morning, the first meeting with the surgeon since the operation. And the first PSA count. You want to see a PSA count of zero. There will be a long string of blood tests in the coming years (if I'm lucky) and each and every one will be, in some sense, a day of reckoning.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride parade.