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Under Construction

At a lunch in Oakland

January 23rd, 2003

To Summer
Wednesday. My day for a couple of drinks after work. I kept it to two, thinking back to my ride to the hospital one week ago tomorrow, the day after having three drinks after work on a Wednesday. Ah, the excitement, the excitement. Two drinks, three drinks, the mind boggles. Makes you just sit here with your head in your hands.

The word is we will hear what is what on Friday. Not the first rumor of this kind, but I think this Friday's the real deal. Enough waiting, time to find out. I have a doctor's appointment Friday morning, so I'll get in an hour or so before lunch. Who knows? A quick meeting with the manager, an introduction to the package, instructions on where to find the door. I'm not sure how this package deal works, except some people are gone in an hour, some people are gone in a month. I don't know if I'm in the "pack your desk and go" category or if I'm in the "leave in a week after you've finished your business" category, not that it matters.

Thursday. Another day on anti-vertigo pills. They work in an interesting way. They knock the dizziness down to a very low level background kind of dizziness that blends well with the normal overall fuzziness I always feel, both tossed together with a light touch of the tired. I could get good money for this feeling if I could only package it in a pill. Just a thought. A buck a shot.

Although the "reorganization" they've been talking about will undoubtedly start tomorrow, I believe, from an email I was copied on today, that it will last through the end of next month. Still, it will finally be done and over. Until the next reorg sometime when? March? April? At least it will be Spring, well on the way to Summer.

The photograph was taken at recent birthday lunch for one of our fellow workers.