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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

Thanksgiving in Portland

January 9th, 2001

To Do Tomorrow
Watching The Sopranos, Vol 1, on Saturday, led to watching volumes 2 through 5 on Sunday. My intention to work on company web sites Sunday stayed an intention. I went to bed early thinking maybe the idea of tying together my odd mix of web related skills into a job here with the company wasn't well grounded in reality. Am I kidding myself? Do I just sit here at the computer and pontificate, preaching to the deaf eared moi? Nah. I don't preach all the time. Sometimes I talk about breakfast. I've done some good work this week on the company web pages and I feel good about it. I'll do even better tomorrow. Really. I will.

Rained today, by the way. I knew you were wondering. Drove to work, of course, didn't walk, and I'm sitting here now waiting to join a conference call with our computer people in Asia that will last well into the evening. Moan. Maybe I'll work on the photographs as I'm listening.

On the news they're talking about the Pentagon's denial to the Europeans that exposure to depleted Uranium in Kuwait and Iraq is causing cancer in their soldiers. Two thoughts: No one believes our government tells the truth about anything, ever, particularly when it involves soldiers, theirs, ours, makes no difference. I don't believe I'm alone in my opinion. My second thought is that the press is hopeless with their questions. They never ask the questions they should be asking. One that comes to mind: Out of say a population of 100,000 people similar in age to our soldiers, but who didn't go to war in Iraq, how many will normally come down with these particular cancers?

If the number is 10 or 100 or 1,000 for this normal population, how does that number as a percentage compare to our soldiers? If the soldiers are experiencing cancer at twice or thrice or whatever the normal rate, then something is wrong. Doesn't mean it has to be Uranium rounds, but something is wrong and the fucking government should get off their butt and take a proper look. It's not rocket science. In my day it was Agent Orange. Or flying down the mouth of a radar array day in and day out. Doesn't cause cancer. Didn't cause all those babies to be born the way they were born. Not us. We didn't do it. We're your government.

Ah, well. The conference call is finished now after two and a half hours. Time for bed. Plenty to do tomorrow.

The banner photograph was taken in Portland over Thanksgiving. The quote is by Samuel Johnson.