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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

A something or other in the building lobby

January 11th, 2001

I haven't been shooting any photographs lately, so I thumbed through one of my notebooks and took out the first slide that didn't seem impossible. This is maybe not a good sign. My thought is I need to make a fresh start and if it's not raining this weekend maybe I'll go out and do some walking with a camera. Then again, maybe not. Most of the other journalers I'm reading at the moment are shooting way better pictures. Way better pictures. Mumble.

Rained a lot today (Wednesday). I drove in early and had breakfast at the usual place across from the office. There were four or five employees from my company eating breakfast toward the back, so I nodded hello as I was leaving and one said that they got together every Wednesday morning. OK. I come in to read the paper and have a breakfast sandwich (one egg over easy and bacon on whole wheat toast), orange juice and coffee, $4.32 at the counter, $0.25 for the paper, twenty minutes respite before facing the office. I'm doing this breakfast thing more often, putting off entering the building, perhaps as my Wednesday morning fellow workers are delaying the inevitable, so I guess I'd better switch to cereal. Mumble. All that whatever it is in bacon and eggs that makes you old and tired should probably be limited to weekends. Mumble.

I'm on another conference call with Asia as I'm writing (this is Wednesday, the 10th as I'm writing). I'm not the moderator and there are a dozen people on line, so basically I sit and listen and answer the occasional question. Pain in the butt. These things go on for hours. The members are located in cities ranging from Bombay to Shanghai to Oakland and I hate to think what they cost, so I don't ask.

Thursday, evening, about 24 hours later after yet another conference call, the third and last of the week. Pffft!!! Mumble.

The banner photograph was taken of some gawd awful thing in a building in Oakland. The quote is by Samuel Johnson.