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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

Oakland City Center

January 6th, 2001

Whatever Comes
I've been thinking about how this journal looks on a computer set for large fonts. Individual journal entries like this one display decently because the larger type can flow around the graphics without breaking into pieces, but those of you who use large fonts know what the journal page and the home page look like. Happiness not.

I don't think there's any way around it except to design for both large and small fonts. Small fonts, large fonts I don't think you can query a computer with something like Javascript to see which fonts are set and manage the type accordingly. Same with cascading style sheets. I'm going to look into this question over the weekend, but it's occurred to me this might be the time to learn and make changes. All of the other journals I read have been properly designed. Mumble.

Saturday morning. Yesterday was sunny with the temperature up in the mid 60's and today Large fonts looks the same. Cold this morning, 34 degrees, so I sat inside when I had breakfast at the cafe near the lake, but otherwise the routine is unchanged. I haven't been taking any pictures in the last two or three weeks, still carrying the camera, of course, but not looking, not seeing, not shooting. A phase. Not to worry. Push it down into the subconscious bubble wrap of my existence and let it squeak and pop, waiting whatever time it takes. I think. Sounds right. Doesn't require much effort.

Otherwise, yesterday, I cleaned up the pile of books and magazines and miscellaneous papers stacked behind me at the base of the kitchen counter and filed stuff. Whole sections of the floor have appeared like open water in a sea of ice. Scary. I'm thinking of doing something with the desks themselves, although this thought is fading.

Watched three movies on tape: Shanghai Noon, The Sopranos, Vol 1 and The Art of War. Shanghai is the usual lightly flavored froth and The Art of War is a standard big budget action/special effects movie in which a number of young, mostly Asian, women are popped with a bullet through the head. One might say a waste of young, mostly Asian, women, but I suspect my reaction is a generational thing, a quaint "I'd rather kiss 'em and than kill 'em" attitude formed in a time before computer games.

Dangerous territory, suggests Self. Tread carefully, if you can't just shut up.

Sunday I'll work on two of the company sites. Deal with large and small fonts. Psyche myself for work on Monday. Survive. Whatever comes.

The banner photograph was taken in the Oakland City Center. There's a BART entrance beyond the sign post to the right. The quote is by Samuel Johnson.