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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


February 27, 2017


Tuesday. Lights out close to ten (I seem to recall, could have been somewhat earlier) to awaken at five minutes to six. Too early, but not too too early, you understand, so up to take my time getting ready and setting out finally at a quarter to seven on a sunny, but cool to cold morning with the eyes watering, the nose not too bad.

Had the Eggs Benedict, country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast because I felt like it, read the papers with some interest and then set out back to the apartment, taking the usual pictures. A new flower blooming below the Lakeshore school, overexposed, of course. There's an easy way to adjust for this on the larger DSLR cameras, but less obvious on the smaller V1. We may have to look at the manual one of these days, perhaps even this afternoon.

Need to go by an ATM, so we'll get some walking in, otherwise nothing on the schedule until tomorrow.

Later. A bus to the bank on Broadway to then turn right around and catch the return bus back to the apartment. Thought of walking, but only for about a minute, the time it took to find, when I'd finished with the bank, a bus was due in two minutes. So much for walking.

Back to process the “thumbnails” for the Lunar New Year Parade sections and post them to artandlife. Good. Done.

Evening. Finished watching Mute a dystopian future Netflix movie on the tablet. Becomes a slog when you don't identify with any of the characters or the attempt at Tarantino-like off the wall dialogue.

Yet you watched it.

There are others in my cue with similarly difficult story lines and shitty dialogue.

This is going around in circles, is it not?

It got us through until the nine o'clock news before we gave up and turned out the lights.

The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade taken Saturday with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.