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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


February 26, 2017


Monday. To bed early last night, getting to sleep after nine to then awaken at seven. My, my. Seven. May have to start setting the alarm. Skipped shaving (not much in the way of stubble these last several years, something to do with aging?) and headed out the door in record time to drive through a pouring rain to breakfast, feeding the meter for an hour's time. My, my.

The oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast over the papers, reading right up until the meter expired and so out the door to take the usual pictures (when we're driving). Still overcast and nasty, but not raining on the way home, not raining out there now, but overcast with big grey nasty cumulonimbus clouds, but also with intermittent rays of sun poking through. Need the rain, we do.

Nothing on the schedule for the day except to continue processing the parade pictures and put together the two sections for artandlife and HereInOakland. Which I must admit I do enjoy doing as long as it doesn't go on too many hours at a time.

Later. Processed pictures for a couple of hours before giving up and futzing around with other things here in the apartment, back to the pictures for a couple of more hours while listening to the news playing nearby on television.

Later still. Finished all but the small thumb nail picture links, otherwise both sections are done. Probably won't do the thumb nails until tomorrow, but I'm writing this at six and there's really no telling with an evening still ahead.

Evening. The second and last end of month shipment from Amazon arrived after five, so that's done. Two cases of soup and a case of red clam sauce, enough to last for quite a while.

Went back and added two more photographs to the parade web sections, ending up having to place quite a few photographs between the pictures that are linked to the thumbnails. Not the best design idea, as they'll rarely be found unless people click through the pictures without using the thumbnail links, but better to do add them this way than not add them at all as there's not enough to put together a third section.

Nobody understands what you're talking about.

Not usual, I'm afraid. We'll not do the thumbnails tonight and finish them off tomorrow. Nothing on television I'm willing to endure and so to bed not long after eight. Too early, but we'll see what we can come up with on the tablet.

The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade taken Saturday with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.