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Here In Oakland

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February 20, 2017

Or Not

Monday. To bed early with lights out by nine-thirty, to awaken at quarter to six, get up and drive to breakfast in a light rain. Wind and rain last night, with nastier stuff to arrive later today and tomorrow. They're saying. Rain is big news around here these days.

Had the plain waffle with sliced fruit on top with a fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, having taken the pain meds when I got up this morning instead of taking them two hours later when I got home from breakfast. So far, so good. I think. We'll see if hewing to the two uncontroversial breakfasts and taking the meds first thing in the morning instead of after affects these later in the day symptoms I seem so doggedly fond of describing.


Not sure what we'll talk about if the sinuses start behaving.

You're going to bitch about NOT having sinuses that drive you up the wall?

Maybe we have indeed begun drifting here a bit.

Later. Watched last night's episode of Elementary on the tablet followed by a Charlie Rose repeat on television. No one's indicating they're any happier about the current president and his over the top (or under the bottom) not quite yet fully staffed administration.

Still, the sinuses are behaving. They let me know they're there, just not in as loud a voice. Which is good. None of the other symptoms I tend to blame on whatever I had for breakfast, whenever I dip into the to be avoided list and any of the other fare that history shows should be avoided. Which is very good. Cross our fingers and continue to watch this play out through tomorrow.

Later still. So far, so good at three in the afternoon, the head still screwed on reasonably tight. No dry mouth, no funky stuff snuffling about the periphery. Whatever that means. But good. Definitely good.

Went through the book shelves in the living room, looking for a particular book and then, not finding the book and noting the accumulated dust, suddenly noticed I'd begun dusting, rearranging furniture and going through storage boxes under the work table (where the errant book was found). Much done, in other words, proof positive the general condition is better. I'd say. As I just did.

Evening. Watched all of Democracy Now!, played some guitar, cooked dinner and decided to see what the young Inspector Morse was up to at eight, as two of the recent Season 2 episodes haven't put me off nearly as much as the Season 1 episodes have done in the past. Pretty exciting for a Monday, I'd say, a President's Monday or not.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.