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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


February 21, 2017


Tuesday. I did watch the very beginning of the young Morse Endeavor episode last night, but for some reason quickly crapped out and went to bed with lights out by nine-thirty, awakening then at six after another decent night's rest. So good. Again.

It wasn't raining, but the sky looked dark and ominous and I needed to go by the ATM on the way to breakfast so drove to the ATM to find it was out of cash. OK, the oatmeal with side order of toast, fruit cup and coffee breakfast on the debit card this morning: so be it.

Still no rain driving home, but again, it looks chancy out there and the weather people are saying bouts of rain for the rest of the day, so we'll see how it goes. Started the laundry before posting yesterday's entry and so we'll chalk up the start of this day to the so far, so good side of the ledger. Maybe get by that ATM again later.

Later. The sun is shining through a break in the clouds but it's also raining cats and dogs in a thunder shower at the moment, but without the thunder. Interesting to see. The laundry is now in the drier, the first two loads anyway, and the third and last load is sitting in its basket on top of the drier waiting its turn. So good, we're rolling along, the head clear, the attitude good. Which is good.

Later still. The laundry done, hung and folded and so a walk to the Lakeshore ATM to find it dispensing money when I arrived, the sky overcast with patches of sun, but also brief periods of light rain. Enough rain to put the camera under my coat on the last leg of the journey, but otherwise a successful trip, head clear, lower lips aching more than the sinuses. Go figure. I can't.

I'm learning through Twitter there's an anti-Trump demonstration going on downtown, people marching in the rain. Too late for me to join them, although there doesn't seem to be more than the occasional bout of rain to stop me, what with being clear headed and all the rest.

You're well into B.S. mode here.

I admit in seeing the activity downtown that I wasn't moved to, um, move. Not sure why, as I do seem to be sitting here rather full of energy with nowhere to use it. Other than clean the kitchen. (I'm not going to clean the kitchen.)

Evening. Watched Democracy Now!, went through the list of movies available on the tablet (without watching any of them), checked out Charlie Rose at eight, turned out the lights and went to bed. A second day without any of the funky stuff I so often complain about, or at least talk about, so we're good there. Haven't put it to use, yet, and no, I didn't even begin to clean the kitchen.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.