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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


February 19, 2017


Sunday. To bed by eight with lights out soon after, to get to sleep and then awaken at six or just thereafter to get ready to head out to breakfast, only to learn none of the papers had yet to arrive. Waited fifteen minutes for the delivery of the Chronicle and the New York Times before then driving to breakfast, the East Bay Times having arrived when I got home. Well. Not great, but not really getting me particularly excited. The mornings start as the mornings will and this one was just starting a little slower.

The Eggs Benedict and country potatoes for breakfast, the Chronicle and the Times keeping me busy reading, some sunlight poking through the restaurant windows. They've been saying we have a large atmospheric river storm on the way for tonight and tomorrow, but we should be reasonably clear until later today.

Which means?

From just now looking at the Weather Underground web site and the clouds coming along outside now, it's soon going to get very wet. Be happy breakfast was civilized and dry.

Later. It should be depressing, this dry mouth starting just as I was getting into the bath that's lasted now through into the early afternoon. The Eggs Benedict? I suspect. Then again it just might be life throwing us the usual curve. It now seems to be on a regular, pretty close to daily, schedule.

You're the one who ordered Mr. Benedict for breakfast.

It does seem to get down to that. Me. Idiot I. Whomever. When's the last time I've had the plain waffle with sliced fruit? Been a while. Maybe just settle on alternating between the waffle and the oatmeal and go with that. Even I get tired of all this continuous carping.

Still not raining and so a walk to the burger drive-in to pick up a turkey burger to bring back to the apartment. The discarded box spring mattress at the corner by the bus stop was gone, leaving just the mattress in place. If you're out picking up discarded junk off the street, why would you only pick up the one and not both? I'm assuming it was a local city trash collection outfit that did the deed, as the rain had certainly made both of them unusable. But who knows? Clearly I don't. Didn't, for some reason, document it with a picture.

I'd debated going out for the turkey burger, the stomach seemed ambivalent, but it went down pretty much without effort. Still the now only somewhat dry mouth and aching sinuses-upper palate, but they too seem better. After another dose of the pain meds. It's now two in the afternoon, nothing on television. Maybe try to read one or two things I've started in the past, but never got around to finishing.

Later still. Finished up processing more of the photographs I took yesterday of the demonstration in front of the Grand Lake theater and one I took as I was passing on the way there. The rain is due in another hour or two and it looks like it out there. Nice to be in here.

Evening. Two episodes of Elementary I've seen before. Better than watching any of the fund raising they're doing on the PBS stations. The Trump people have been saying they're going to kill Public Television funding and, having passed a bill to freeze Environmental Protection Agency funding, I figure they're not bluffing.

The meds seem to have reduced the sinus-upper palate thing to a numb lip feeling, a bit like having a head cold, in the sense it gets in the way, just not in exactly the same way. To bed early again, I'm guessing.

The photo up top was taken last Saturday at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.