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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


February 5, 2017

Or So

Sunday Lights out by ten to awaken just before six, get up and drive to breakfast with all three papers in tow this time, although the Chronicle and the Times arrived late this morning.

They're saying no rain until later this afternoon, but we will stay inside and watch the game avoiding, as best I can, the rah! rah! commentary that always accompanies them. Is it uniquely specific to American football as opposed to British soccer? Do they do the over the top boys will be boys commentary with their games too? I suspect they do.

I also have an Amazon package on the way. Another reason to stick around.

Later. The package arrived after one. A bit tired and so laid down for a while to see if we couldn't pull off a nap. Couldn't pull off a nap. A golf tournament playing on television in the living room as I futz here with the computer and therefor unable to see the screen. Doesn't seem to matter. I've wondered if I'm addicted to having something droning on every waking hour in order to avoid the quiet. Need to experiment with that. Probably not good if it turns out to be true. Music as a substitute to dialogue? I suspect not, given my now not so recent history, another not good if that too is true.

Later still. Interesting sudden death playoff that got me to watching that golf tournament. Ended up switching back and forth between it and the football game right through the final winning putt. Can't name the tournament or the players without looking them up, but an interesting ending. But now full time to the football game.

Evening. I can't name the songs that have made Lady Gaga famous and haven't seen any of her live performances, other than through pictures in the papers and video clips played in the news, but I'm thinking her halftime show was pretty good for a halftime show. Certainly enough fireworks, dancing, costume changes and songs. I've always assumed she's made her career with her own talent and knows how to play the press and put on a show.

Interesting to me too was in recently reading an article on precocious children, her name coming up as an example of a child identified at an early age with an extremely high I.Q.. So again, interesting to see what she does in watching her halftime show. Political commentary? Trump? The wall? Subtle, but there. Oh, and the game was pretty good too, particularly that last half or so.

The photo up top was taken at the Emergency #NoDAPL March at 14th and Broadway in Frank Ogawa Plaza with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.