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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


February 6, 2017


Monday To bed and lights out before ten to awaken finally at six-thirty on a rainy morning, rainy in the sense it would rain rather hard for a period and then stop. Wasn't raining when I set out in the car, but again, short periods of hard rain during breakfast and rain while driving home. So we don't have to feel guilty about not walking.

Then why the need to mention it?


They're saying rain through the rest of the week so we'll see if we do the usual stay inside and watch television or come up with something more ambitious. A bit wobbly for some reason after getting up, the back of the head a bit off kilter. Well, just feeling a slight pressure, so we'll associate it with the “wobbly” feeling and share the blame.

Again, which means?

The day starts slowly, but no reason to give up on it quite yet. We're just, you know, babbling as always on a wet Monday morning.

Later. The sinuses and upper palate are still active, even after an extra half dose of the pain meds. It doesn't seem to want to get any better with time, the time now over ten years. Still, the “wobbly” aspect seems to have left and so, after a lie down on the bed for an hour and then up to watch T.V., we seem to be doing fine better.

Need to go by an ATM, but suspect we'll put it off and go by when driving to breakfast tomorrow. Raining out there in short but fairly heavy downpours, a fair number of them, so no way I'll be able to walk or take a bus without getting wet.

Later Still. Things seem better, the sinuses behaving now, although they never really go away. Rain, of course, some futzing around on the computer and filling out paperwork to return to the lab that runs the Protime tests. They had the old supplementary insurance company information, although the local lab itself has taken copies of the new information more than once over these last few months.

Evening. Listened to the first half of Democracy Now! I'd missed this morning and then headed for bed and the tablet to continue with something only mildly wretched on the tablet, another Korean series, doctors out doing their doctoring in stressful situations.

Back to the living room, raining, a half an inch of rain so far here and they're saying something like two inches plus due through tomorrow. Or the day after. Whenever. Doesn't really matter when you're not living beside a river or planning on driving.

An Endeavour episode at seven-fifty, the young Inspector Morse, and Charlie Rose at eight. Didn't need to watch the young Morse this evening, although I did watch Rose's first discussion on Trump and Putin and thus end our evening with Trump and the Russians.

The photo up top was taken at the Betsy DeVos Protest at the Oakland federal building with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.