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Here In Oakland

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February 4, 2017


Saturday Lights out at a decent time, awake again at six and so up to drive to breakfast on another scattered periods of rain morning. The East Bay Times was delivered late again and so just the two papers to read over breakfast. Just read more of what I might otherwise have skipped to fill in the time.

Home then to edit yesterday's entry before posting. We'll skip the angst over the way it turned out.

A slight ocular something, a very light sparkly thing in the peripheral vision just now. A very light episode, but noticeable and so into the bedroom to lie down for thirty minutes. It passed on right by, but where did it come from? Don't know, although I did have two strips of bacon with breakfast this morning. It usually kicks in much later, if it's going to kick in at all over something like two strips of bacon, but who knows? I don't and suspect I won't know, so why even mention or think about it?

Later. It's been pretty much raining throughout the morning and so no thought of going outside, saying that just as it seems to have stopped now at noon. Comes in patches, of course, and could start again in a minute, so we're safe from any need to think about where we might like to go.

Finally glanced at the kitchen calendar to see a protest scheduled for four this afternoon. And, although the sky is cloud covered, there are small areas of light in the distance and it hasn't started to rain again. Do I go and shoot pictures? Take a bus? Take a single camera that will fit under the rain coat?

Ah. Looked up the event. A bring a dish barbecue to be held at the amphitheater on the opposite side of the lake to commemorate the questionable killing of Yuvette Henderson two years ago on this date by the Oakland police. Not sure many people will show up given the weather. Well, this one photographer anyway. Not older and wiser, more just older and tired.

Later still. Looks much better out there now at three in the afternoon, the weather people saying fairly clear though tomorrow afternoon and then four or five days of rain, the paper saying another atmospheric river forming up in the Pacific similar to the one we experienced in January, although they weren't quite sure yet whether or not it might not miss us to the north. Which may mean my sister in Portland will get more snow and/or freezing rain. She said the last full five day school week they had was in November.

Later still again. Watched television, about half of episodes I'd seen before, but again, had no idea who'd done it when they started or how they ended. For detective series it seems it doesn't seem to matter how they turn out and I'm happy enough to watch them. Not sure I didn't have the same problem when I was younger. Same with detective novels, even the more famous ones, although I'm also suspecting that's not true about my younger memory failures. I suspect this is all a new and exciting aspect of one's later years.


The mood is actually good, particularly as the sinus-upper palate is now better after a larger than usual jolt of the meds.

Evening. More television and then to bed to finish reading an article in the latest New Yorker. Maybe read at least one piece every evening from here on out? Take another crack at a book or two I haven't finished in these last several months? Finishing the New Yorker piece went without too much angst, maybe actually follow through with more (other than newspaper) reading? As I once did practically day and night in my callow youth?

The photo up top was taken at last month's Oakland Women's March with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.