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February 10, 2015

Never Been

Tuesday. I skipped the Death In Paradise episode last night and managed the first five minutes of Father Brown before heading to bed and the tablet again. I did get up to see what the Doctor Blake Mysteries was about, found it less mysterious than it might (I know, I know, I just rattle on without control) and so back to bed and to sleep. Not a bad night. I say that as I don't really remember if that was the case and so I'm assuming I went to sleep without a peep.

They're saying into the low seventies through the coming week and so no rain to get in the way of the Tet Festival or the Flower Fair in San Francisco this weekend. So good. Life is good.

To breakfast and back realizing, as I looked at my plastic pill container before setting out, that I'd forgotten to take last night's prescriptions. This has happened three or four times now in as many months. What to do about it? Put a post-it note on the bedside alarm? Another normal again slip or a sign of future unpleasantness? The usual question without an answer.

Again, a clear sunny morning. No plans. Maybe put some more 460 Grand construction site photographs up on the web pages. Not the most sterling of pictures, but I usually find putting together the web pages entertaining. Mildly entertaining. Today a day like most days, in other words.

Later. Thought I'd lie down for a short period and ended up sleeping for two hours. Surprising. Still, awake now, not tired, and so over to the construction site to take a few pictures. Hard to find a place to shoot from that gives an idea of their progress. What am I taking this series of photographs for again? A shot standing from the bus stop to show it now rising above the corner building. This thing is going to be bigger when it's finished than I was thinking.

Pretty exciting stuff for an early afternoon.

I had no desire to go anywhere, wasn't hungry at two in the afternoon, and so returned to the apartment to listen to the News Hour (the world continues to have issues) and attempt to find something worth watching on the tablet. Not upset, but no desire to do anything or go anywhere.

I suspect this is not going to go away on its own and clever I will have to do something about it. Go out and find others my age into things I'm into? I don't see a lot of photographers my age running around shooting parades, protests and festivals, but the world, even my world, is wider than parades, protests and festivals. And naps. And early mornings reading the papers over breakfast.

Evening. Nothing on television or the tablet. Let's see if we can get to sleep early (he keeps repeating before bed every evening, the words then immediately dissolving as if they'd never been spoken).

The photo up top was taken at the March For Real Climate Leadership with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.