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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


February 9, 2015


Monday. To bed last night early to watch more than a couple of things on the tablet. Odd way to consume movies and television episodes with maybe a dozen of them open at a time, picking one or another to continue viewing for a while before turning to another. Scatter brained in our old age? Or more discerning? No need to belittle oneself, we'll go for the moment with discerning.

This led to turning out the lights relatively late and then having the usual problem falling into a deep sleep, although awakening with the alarm to then get up and out the door to breakfast without breaking any heads. One does not like to break heads when ours is the only head in consideration. One thing I did learn very early and haven't forgotten. Well, no more than once or twice and even then for but a second.

No rain, they're saying we're still in drought, the high pressure system forming up again off the coast keeping away the storms. The price of gas had increased another cent a gallon on its way to who knows where? So, a picture to document the fact and then home to finish yesterday's entry and start again on the Climate Leadership March pictures. Still more to do, but they'll be posted today.

The thrill of anticipation.

Now, now. Be nice.

Later. Noon and the photographs are done and posted to HereInOakland and artandlife. I'm not sure any of them (with one or two exceptions) are any good from my standpoint, subjects caught unaware of the camera or, if aware, not yet having had time to change into their public faces. Hard to come by, these photographs, but obviously compelling me in their pursuit and capture. Or else why am I doing this?

We are beginning to wander off the track here.

We often do.

Again, noon, still want to see what's happening at the construction site and, now that the sun is showing, maybe head downtown to get something to eat. None of this is calling out to me yet, but it will when I get hungry enough or stir crazy.

Later still. Still not hungry, but the day was looking better and so a bus downtown after one to have lunch at the bagel shop out at a table in the City Center. I really show no interest in trying new lunch places, although my desire to eat at an outside table during the lunch hour seems permanent.

I hadn't noticed these, getting off the bus near 13th, just didn't glance in their direction, but to the City Center for lunch from the opposite direction. If I had I'd have been early enough to read whatever was on the sign. And no, I didn't ask the workers what they were about, a guy thing more than anything else. You understand.

Back now at three in the afternoon, we'll listen to the News Hour and process the construction site pictures we took on the way home. A good sign of decent energy when I don't even think to not get off the bus early and take them, this after having walked Broadway and caught the bus at Webster and Grand. No huffing or puffing, again a good sign.

Evening. Well, I wrote the above and then slipped into a confusing ocular migraine like state over the course of an hour, found it confusing to sit at the computer and so went to lie down on the bed to allow it to pass and the world to reassemble.

I had a turkey and Swiss cheese bagel sandwich, a slice of Swiss cheese or Swiss cheesy food or whatever it is they serve. Was that enough? Avoid cheddar, best to skip cheese altogether and a single slice brought it on? Have no idea, but we're now going to go to the neurologist that was recommended when my last neurologist retired.

Some stuff on television this evening: a Death in Paradise followed by Father Brown and a Doctor Blake Mysteries episodes. I know the Father Brown series and may wish or not wish to stay up and watch it. I've never heard of Doctor Blake Mysteries before and suspect, if I'm still up at nine when it starts, I'll stay long enough to find out if it's another one that needs adding to the now long list of series I never again need to see. Deedle-dee-dee.

The photo up top was taken at the March For Real Climate Leadership with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.