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Here In Oakland

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February 8, 2015

Say I Do

Sunday. To bed and lights out by nine (I seem to recall), up without the alarm at the usual six o'clock without effort. Well, much effort. Out the door and off to breakfast just as it started to rain, not hard, the wipers on slow, but it picked up through breakfast and by the time I left it was coming down quite hard. And, of course, the gas prices had gone up another cent, so we walked (quickly) over to the gas station and back to take the usual pictures.

Home to work on yesterday's photographs. Some technical issues with the shooting I need to think about on the next outing, but otherwise they seem good enough to post two sections to the web sites. Raining out there through the early afternoon, not that I was thinking of photographing the Oakland Lunar New Year Bazaar downtown if it stopped. A little slow after yesterday, no urge to get out with cameras. No Lunar New Year Bazaar photographs this year.

Later. Lots of time futzing with this Real Climate Leadership pictures. It seems, if I can come up with another seven or so, I'll have enough for three sections. And I suspect I can come up with an additional seven pictures, so we'll do it, but later. Tomorrow.

A break in the weather and so over to the burger shop to bring home a steak sandwich. I wasn't particularly hungry, but the mood said bring home a steam sandwich, hungry or not, and so that's what happened. Then back to the web preparation of the pictures.

Evening. Watching one of the old Jeremy Brett series Sherlock Holmes episodes on Public television, Silver Blaze, an episode I've seen now more times than I can remember. Don't quite recall who done it exactly, but I do remember the story line. We'll continue to watch or we'll bail and turn to something in bed on the tablet before turning out the light for what I hope will be an early night. I do want to get another good night's rest. I do. I say I do. Yes.

The photo up top was taken The March For Real Climate Leadership with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.