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February 7, 2015

For A Rest

Saturday. I did watch both New Tricks and the two episodes of Dalziel & Pasco last night, finishing up around nine-forty. Just stayed in front of the television screen, played along on the guitar and did the deed. No complaints.

Sleep was another matter. Lights out before ten, but then into the half asleep, half awake, slumber. Sleep. Whatever this hybrid should be called. Still, up with the alarm without a problem, off to breakfast on what has turned out to be a reasonably clear sky morning, evidently there's not much chance of rain again until tonight and then on through tomorrow. Was surprised at the eleven cent jump in regular gas prices, but not that surprised. They've listed reasons for a coming spike in California prices recently in newspaper articles, but I don't put or not put trust in any of them.

The anti-fracking leadership march later this morning will undoubtedly bring out a large crowd and I'll spend quite a bit of time photographing it. Not sure I'll have the energy afterward to walk over and photograph the Lunar New Year Bazaar, but we'll see. Can't count on shooting it tomorrow if, as they're saying, it will rain tomorrow.

Later. And so out the door and on the bus to arrive around ten-thirty as the crowd was beginning to assemble in front of the City Hall. It was still a good hour and a half before they were due to set out for Lake Merritt, but then that's the idea: plenty of time to find photographs. And so I spent the next hour and a half shooting, broke for a brief lunch at the City Center bagel shop, and then returned for another hour's photography. A good session, no rain, some sun.

The march itself set out along Broadway, then left along Telegraph to turn right on West Grand over to Harrison along Lake Merritt. I left them at Telegraph and walked straight up Broadway to meet the tag end of the march as it was crossing Broadway at Grand, taking more pictures. Felt good for all the walking and shooting, tired, but not that tired, no thought to lie down when I got home.

Later still. Worked on the photographs. What else? I may get two sections from the pictures, the percentage of photographs that “turned out” much lower for this particular outing, but I'd taken close to five hundred. One in ten. Unusual for me to take so many. Still, we'll see, I'm still in the “I have no idea if they're good, bad or indifferent” phase of the process.

Evening. A break from the photographs to watch whatever it was in bed on the tablet. Some thought to get up and watch Four Weddings and a Funeral at eight on the Public televisions station, a favorite when I first saw it in theaters, but decided after the first few scenes that I, if not it, had aged badly for a Saturday night viewing and so went to bed. We'll see how long it takes before we turn out the lights. Enough photographs for a day, time for a rest.

The photo up top was taken today at the March For Real Climate Leadership with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.