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February 6, 2015

Going Forward

Friday. The Inspector Lewis episode last night, now titled just Lewis was indeed one I'd seen before and so I went to bed thinking I'd conk out early. Well, still awake at nine-forty when Vera, the second program started, and so got up to take a look and decided it was too late however I might have reacted to the program. So, after all that, I did get to sleep at a decent hour. At least that's what I remember.

Up with the alarm to see if it had started raining yet. Clouds, up there, but menacing rain is on the way clouds, so we're in for a good drenching. Maybe get outside briefly and quickly before it starts to get the construction pictures I missed getting yesterday. Maybe.

Later. Rain drops, wind, got out and over to the construction site to take pictures and back just in time to miss the start of the storm. The rain. The whatever a Pineapple Express looks like when it arrives. So good.

Later still. Rain, wind later in the afternoon (and through the evening, they're saying). Listened to the live cut of Let It Rain on the Derek and the Dominoes live In Concert album, haven't played that in eons. Couldn't play it as loud as I could back then. Watched various things on the tablet and the news on television futzing along on the guitar. And that's been the afternoon.

Couldn't run my damned Protime blood test as I haven't received a resupply of the plastic inserts and needles yet. Ordered them two weeks ago. The outfit that manages the thing hasn't had its act together for some time, but two weeks? Something about problems they've been having on getting these in, but it's been going on forever. Let's hope they come tomorrow.


Or Monday.


New Tricks at seven, one I haven't seen before, followed by a two episode Dalziel & Pasco that I may or may not decide to watch. I've had trouble with the Dalziel character, trouble I'm guessing I might not have had watching something like this when I was younger. Odd thought. Why the difference? Probably won't watch it. Need to keep this lights out by ten and earlier routine going. Today hasn't been all that bad, better if I could have gotten out for a walk, helps with the attitude, but the chances of a day going well without the sleep seem minimal. Through experience.

Gonna rain tomorrow?

Who knows? There's the anti-fracking march and the Lunar New Year Bazaar tomorrow, the Bazaar running through Sunday, both good places for pictures. And I want/need pictures. Hard enough scraping up something for the picture up top and the behind the logo photograph lately, some production tomorrow would resolve the problem going forward.

The photo up top was taken today over at the 460 Grand construction site with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.