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February 22, 2014

Before Ten
Saturday. To sleep by ten, up with the alarm and off to breakfast, stopping by the ATM over on Lakeshore on the way. A decent breakfast (scrambled eggs, country potatoes, toast and coffee with the usual mixed fruit) and now home on another sunny day thinking to go by the farmers market and take a picture. Or two. If I can find one. Or two.

Slow down.

A nice day, nothing on the schedule until Monday, we'll see how the day decides to roll out. Not at all tired or I'd attempt a nap. May attempt a nap anyway as I'm not ready to do much else. Speedy without purpose. Or perhaps ambition. Probably both.

Later. And so a walk over to the lake around nine in what has become the routine to take a couple of pictures and then return to the apartment, this probably being the most unusual image of the trip. Thus is life.

Back to listen to the radio for maybe an hour in bed, a bit tired, but not tired enough to sleep. A walk again over to the lake running into the Capoeira people preparing to go through their Saturday morning paces and then heading on to the farmers market. Lots of people and one picture. I was obviously not “seeing” in its hocus-pocus sense, a word we artsy photographers like to abuse.

A walk on then as far as the ice cream shop on Lakeshore to have two scoops in a cup. Made sense. No urge to walk on farther and so back by the lake to see the Capoeira people working out now with a full complement. Didn't stay long enough to get a proper series of pictures, but one or two did work out.

Back now doing little or nothing in the mid-afternoon, the Allman Brothers playing in the background, the just released 1992 live session recorded at the Beacon theater. Sounds good, but they've always sounded good. Why I bought this recording I don't know given how much of them I have on vinyl. Slow days, slow company.

A note in Digby's blog about the Bill Moyers & Company this weekend's: be sure to watch!! So I checked the schedule to see one was running at four. We'll watch and, if it's as good as she says, watch it again when it runs again tomorrow. Why not? Slow days, slow company, after all.

Evening. It was an interesting Moyer's program, but nothing earth shaking. An interesting set of observations on our current political dilemma, although I probably shouldn't have gotten so excited that I ordered the guest's book online before it was aired. Not that I won't read and enjoy the book, but my reading has been more than spotty this last decade and there's a pile of partially read books frowning at me from the foot of the bed.

Stayed up to watch the first thirty minutes of a two hour German female police detective episode that started at nine thinking I could indeed watch it with some interest, but best I got to bed. Don't have to get up tomorrow with the alarm, it's a Sunday after all, but still, we're looking for predictability here and predictability around here anymore is spelled “to bed before ten”.

The photo up top was taken yesterday walking home with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 G Nikkor lens.