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Here In Oakland

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February 23, 2014

We'll Keep On
Sunday. And so to bed last night before ten, to sleep not all that long after, up with the alarm without a thought and off to breakfast to read the three morning papers. Just some of the three morning papers in the two hours. Obviously.

Another nice morning, looks to be a sunny day. They're saying a decent storm is on the way for Wednesday and it's looking more and more like an el Niño will develop in the central Pacific come winter, a condition that often brings us rain. Rain and an unusually hot year world wide. We'll take the rain.

Not sure what's in the works for the day. My waitress said she thought she'd heard there was a Chinese New Year street festival of some kind this weekend in Millbrae, but in checking it out I couldn't find one. Millbrae? Did I remember correctly? When's the last time I've been to Millbrae, anyway, and can you get to whatever it is, if it is, by train?

Maybe a walk over to the lake to let all this settle out.

Later. OK, nothing about a street festival in Millbrae or anywhere else from what I could find.

And so?

And so a brief walk over to the lake to start the day. Lots of people walking the lake in the sun at ten in the morning. I did pass by a sparrow (I call anything and everything this size a “sparrow”, although it's a House Sparrow after looking in the guide when I got home) and was able to get off a number of shots, although I could have gotten more if I'd been thinking to press the shutter than losing them through a photo adverse bird. Remember that. Do better later.

A walk then back to the apartment starting to feel a little rocky and so lying down for about an hour listening to the radio, what I could find to listen to on the radio, Sunday not being the best day for programming. A late morning funkiness, not uncommon, but there's been no way I've been able to relate it to eating or sleeping or anything else I can invent or think of. So has been the morning.

Later still. A walk over to the burger drive-in to bring home a steak sandwich. Hungry. Odd eating one, though. They go down, but with what I would have considered in the past to be no small effort. Not hungry once it's eaten, those last two bites not difficult, but saying in effect “enough”. We didn't have that reaction when we were younger (and larger).

They now have a sign up in front of the apartment house construction site and so of course a picture, the day still warm and sunny, people all over the place on the sidewalks and walking the lake. A good Sunday afternoon although, other than the earlier walk, no thought to go outside.

Evening. Nothing on television, some guitar, some one or two things on Netflix (I'm having more trouble watching these movies than I am eating a steak sandwich), various news programs and one more go through the Moyers & Company program I watched yesterday. Enough television for the day, maybe the life, although life in all its excitement will start right over again tomorrow.

An up and down day, nothing terrible, but not overly frisky either. We'll go over all this with the neurologist tomorrow, although I'm pretty sure there's nothing he can do other than wish me well. Odd set of symptoms that interplay with one another. They don't knock you all the way down, but then they don't get you up and going either. Could be worse, we'll keep on.

The photo up top was taken Friday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 G Nikkor lens.