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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


February 21, 2014

Which I Did
Friday. Another to bed well after ten evening. The Elementary a repeat, but the nine o'clock Norwegian detective thing caught my attention and I watched quite a bit of it, finally bailing around ten-thirty. I'm not sure what it is about Scandinavian detective stories. Well, let me enlarge that. Evidently our current crop of detectives, private eyes and such seem every bit as screwed up as the people they're (obsessively) chasing and last night's detective, in the middle of a case that began with bullying at school, is oblivious to his own son (who's being bullied at school). Ah, well. Art and life's little zigs and zags, harder and harder to follow.

Anyway, up with the alarm without a problem on another dark, but going to be sunny morning, a haircut scheduled for eleven, off to breakfast and back feeling pretty good, late night or no. Even a little buzzy rather than fuzzy. You'd think we were regressing to a clearer past when adventures were possible.

Let's not get too buzzy.

Fuzzy-Buzzy was a bear....

Later. A bit tired from the staying up late, but an easy enough bus ride to the City Center to get the haircut and to return to the apartment, the bus twenty minutes late and so the free shuttle to Grand and then a walk the rest of the way home, picking up an ice cream cone at the 7-11 look-alike along the way.

Some activity at the apartment construction site as I was setting out, the fence open on one side and a scoop loader moving the earth around fronting Grand when I returned. I noticed for the first time they'd painted over the new block of graffiti (no great loss) when I first looked at the picture. Very neat and tidy, these people.

A picnic lunch was being served out on the lawn on the opposite side of Grand from the construction site. “Affordable housing” the flier tacked to the fence had said and indeed, looking up Bridge Housing on the web showed they are indeed the developer. Is that the reason the locals fought the project? Not the blocked views or the congestion, but the “affordable” part? Certainly not here in Oakland.

An unsuccessful attempt at a nap, the temperature now up into t-shirt weather. Someone said rain by the middle of next week. We need it, but no reason not to make use of the sun today.

You really think about that at all? The rain? The drought?

We're pretty much stuck here for the ride come sun, come rain, come drought. Might as get out there and enjoy it but just, you know, not show you're enjoying it too much. There are people who do suffer from these things. For me it's just watching the water and not flushing the toilet during the day more than once or twice. Or thrice.

Later still. A walk over to the lake with a long lens on the camera, taking a picture or two of the construction going on at the apartment site. Nothing much otherwise happening on or around the lake and so a walk back to futz here with the computer and wait on the three o'clock news to start, cook some spaghetti and start the guitar. A good day yesterday on the guitar to be followed (hup! hup!) by another today. Hey.

Stop. Just stop.

Evening. Watched New Tricks at seven and started another Scandinavian (or possibly German?) thing called The Spider at nine which I managed to watch for all of maybe ten minutes before deciding it was better to get to bed and to sleep. Which I did.

The photo up top was taken of another not quite sure what it is flier along Grand this last week with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.