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February 20, 2014

Crashing Tonight
Thursday. I did start reading in bed sometime after nine last night, but switched instead to a subtitled Chinese movie on the tablet which didn't end until after eleven. Not long after eleven, but long enough to have blown any thought of getting a decent night's sleep, although I got up easily enough with the alarm and have felt pretty good since.

A cardiologist's appointment in Palo Alto at noon for the stress test, the test and the recap with the doctor at one and so we're on the road by eleven. Don't like driving to Palo Alto, and I have another appointment with the neurologist on Monday, that one in Mountain View, another drive I don't particularly like. Timid these days and so I'll bitch about it here, right now, god help all of us.

Otherwise a bath before going. Probably better to take one when when I get back after getting up on a tread mill with all the sticky patches and wiring, although it makes you more tired rather than sweat. Or something like that. At least their office is right off the highway now and no longer located near the hospital. Cuts quite a bit of time and frustration from the drive. I once worked in Palo Alto, commuting from San Francisco. Not sure how I put up with that.

As I recall you didn't.

Long time ago, that.

Later. And so a drive to the doctor's office in Palo Alto, the traffic fine, a straight shot down and back, the outcome of the stress test positive, some thought to reduce the blood pressure control medicine in the future by half. I'm already taking half the smallest dose, so I'm assuming that's good, although, from what he said, it's more a function of advancing age than a better metabolism.

A walk then over to the ATM on Lakeshore when I returned, stopping by the bagel shop for a Caesar salad and a small coffee. I'd had a cookie and a small cup of coffee in Palo Alto in the doctor's building before the appointment, so lunch now totaled a salad, a cookie and two small cups of coffee, one hot, one cold.

A gold star and a nice pat on the head for you my little man!

Well, then two scoops of ice cream with a chocolate sprinkle topping at the ice cream shop. We are undoubtedly fucked, but not until later when it's had a chance to kick in.

Evening. OK, another episode of the Korean soap that doesn't seem to be a Korean soap and has my attention. Probably a sign of corrupted taste/discernment/mental acuity or perhaps that I'm coming over to a more Korean/Japanese/Chinese-like viewpoint.

That doesn't make sense.

Little anymore does. It did occur to me just now it's a Thursday and there's an Elementary later, but I suspect it's a repeat. They're pretty closed mouth on the CBS web site and I wouldn't mind getting to sleep before ten after last night. The day has gone reasonably well, though. Tired, but not that tired, even after the Palo Alto/treadmill test.

Babble, babble.

Indeed. We'll see what the Norwegian detective thing is they're advertising at nine, check the Elementary when it starts and then crash. I suspect there'll be no problem in crashing tonight.

The photo up top was taken along Lake Merritt this last weekend with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.