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February 19, 2014

Clean Sheets
Wednesday. And so to sleep after ten, up with the alarm to head off to breakfast on what is looking to be a sunny day - hey! - in February. Which is good, one would guess, except for the lack of rain. You'll undoubtedly hear more about the lack of rain if it continues, which it may or may not, the essence of the issue.

The laundry is well underway, nothing scheduled for the afternoon, although we have an annual doctor's appointment tomorrow in Palo Alto. Our annual stress test then followed next week by a visit to the neurologist. Time to make notes, remember what needs to be said, which I will do, but later.

Later. But not this later, another later.

The laundry done, folded and hung and so out the door for a walk by the lake in but a shirt - no sweater, no jacket - in our short visit to the lake routine. Should I take the bus downtown? For lunch? No, I guess not, and so a walk back to the apartment with but one or two pictures in tow. We need more time to think about the downtown, even on a sunny day like today.

It took all of thirty minutes to head out the door again to get off the bus at the City Center just after noon, to walk through the Center to see if I could convince myself to have lunch at one of the various (crowded) restaurants, walking right back out of the Center and on to Justin Herman Plaza in front of the City Hall to have lunch in the Rotunda building, a chicken salad at Genji. A good choice. No longer any need to talk on and on about something as dumb as lunch.

On then through Latham Square. They haven't added the second lane of traffic yet, voting recently to essentially eliminate the idea of the thing, but a decent number of people scattered about having lunch during a noon hour. Which I guess, in the sun, you'd expect.

A walk on to Grand to wait on the bus, a bus home and then an hour's nap. Felt good, that hour's nap. Still sunny, the news droning on in the living room while sitting here at the computer writing. Too much time sitting, I suspect. I'd be a vegetable if it weren't for the daily walking, what little walking I actually get in.

I believe I've read this in various newspapers about a million times: walk, don't sit; do puzzles to activate the brain. The continuous stream of recommended vitamin supplements, however, seem to keep changing: one is good for a dozen reasons today, that same one is bad for ever more serious reasons tomorrow.

Evening. A Korean soap of some interest at six forty-five. Where did that come from? An odd gangster story set in the early phases of the Japanese occupation which I watch with some interest. Cartoonish, but not so much it gets in the way. Nothing later, hopeless later, but there's another book I've just started and we'll see if we can't make progress there.

Between clean sheets.

Between clean sheets.

The photo up top was taken along Lake Merritt this last weekend with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.