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February 14, 2014

Keep On Testing
Friday. To bed at ten. The Elementary was a repeat of an episode I'd seen before and the second episode of Inspector Lewis I'd seen as well, although I had absolutely no idea who done it or why. Generally pretty kinky, whomever it eventually turns out to be. Those Oxford academics, you understand.

An email received last night around nine, but opened for the first time this morning saying my Google glass had shipped and I'd receive it later today. UPS says it's on a truck out for delivery. So we'll try them out at the Lunar New Year Parade in San Francisco tomorrow. Well, we'll try them out today. At least see how to turn them on and what single images and video look like.

You still feel like an idiot for ordering it?

Yeah, but I'm obviously excited. Ask me again come Monday. Let's just hope they don't release a new Nikon in the next few months, I'm now on a budget through Spring (of 2015).

Later. The UPS truck pulled up around ten and delivered the device. Nicely packaged, I must admit, but getting it up and running has been something of a slog. Doesn't want to connect to my Wi-Fi network and so I've had to go back and re-familiarize myself with the wireless router. Is the password correct? The laptop and the tablet are connected, why not this Glass device?

A quick picture to document the deal. I may live to regret this, but certainly not until, well, tomorrow.

After futzing with it long enough I took a walk to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream cone and a package of “chipotle” peanuts. I've been eating peanuts now and again after reading a “they're good for your health” screed (probably financed and planted by the peanuts cartel). Scrambled eggs, country potatoes, toast, mixed fruit and coffee this morning which generally doesn't give me grief. An ice cream cone? Usually OK. We have the parade tomorrow evening, I don't want to be feeling like crud when I photograph it.

Anyway, no activity at the construction site, they've got it all wrapped up in canvas carefully tucked and fixed in around the fence to keep people from looking in. And maybe keep the taggers out. Good luck with that.

Later still. The trouble with the wireless router seems to be fixed. I don't touch wireless except to add devices and once you've added a laptop, a tablet and a phone you don't do it again. Unless you've got a new device habit and have to go back to the well. If that makes sense.

So good, you turn the thing on, it pops up with your picture and a welcome sign. Now to figure out how to use the damned thing, see if I couldn't have done better for photography with one of the other devices you can buy for ten or twenty percent of this price. I may wear out my use of “idiot” before this is over, but, for now, we'll say we're having fun.

Evening. When I returned from breakfast I went by the supermarket, picking up the usual stuff to include two of the small single serving bottles of sake. Which I had for dinner. Well, with dinner if you count cottage cheese and grapes a dinner. Feel fine after having the two, it's only eight o'clock, but we'll see if there's anything to pay for our transgression in the morning. We are still testing, we will continue to test (I suspect) until we learn for sure one way or another.

Even if it's another?

Well, if it's another, then we'll just keep on testing.

The photo up top was taken of Valentine a long time ago.