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February 15, 2014

And So We'll Go
Saturday. To bed at ten after watching Death In Paradise, another PBS mystery series, one I'd seen before (maybe more than once) and still didn't remember anything about who'd done it. I had hints, but hints aren't the same thing as knowing. Not that it matters one way or another.

Up almost an hour after the alarm to set off under an overcast sky to breakfast. The Lunar New Year Parade later this afternoon at five, I'll head over at three to take pictures as it's forming unless it rains. Hard. We'll shoot it in a light rain, we've done this in the past, but better no water and decent light. I don't know if I'll bring this Google Glass thing, I still need to figure out if it's useful how it works.

Later. Futzed a bit with the Google Glass(es), some progress there, although I'm wondering if, well, later. A short walk over to the lake to take one or two pictures, the apartment construction site quiet, no desire to check out the farmers market and so a return to the apartment to read the first two chapters of Elizabeth Kolbert's The Sixth Extinction while lying in bed. Well written, interesting and a little frightening as she's only so far covered the frogs, hasn't even mentioned global warming yet.

Up to catch the bus at three thinking do I really want to do this? Overcast, feeling crappy from the sinus-upper palate doing its thing. What am I saying? It's not raining and I'll feel better once I get outside, right? I'm otherwise physically fine and it's an easy enough bus to BART to Market Street. Right?

A long couple of hours of shooting and then leaving thirty minutes before the parade was due to start. Pooped. Figured I probably had enough pictures although none stood out. Lots of kids in this parade as they've dominated in the past, a real local parade for all its hype. Harder to get pictures when it's all kids, although they can take a “cute” picture.

No sign of any of the princesses - they tend to sneak on board the floats at last minute, those minutes I skipped out - and worse yet, the group I often photograph in traditional costume and painted faces, some of whom walk the parade on stilts, couldn't be found, their usual formation area empty, and believe me I looked. I did.

Still, I have at least one section of twenty-one, maybe (if I scrape the barrel) two. Yes, quite a few of the kids’ pictures turned out and there are one or two of the adults, but we'll know better later. Probably tomorrow. Now I'm tired, both physically and mentally, and I want to go to bed, maybe read more of that book.

There's a 50's noir flick on PBS at eight.

Mention that again if I'm still awake.

Evening. The eight o'clock noir doesn't look like it will keep me up for more than the minute it has and so we'll go to bed.

The photo up top was taken Thursday, while sitting out at a table for lunch at the usual place, with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.