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Here In Oakland

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February 13, 2014

And Play Guitar
Thursday. And so to bed early and up with the alarm. My, my. Feel pretty good after heading out and back from breakfast, an overcast or “partly cloudy” day ahead, some chance of rain to the north. Not great, but not bad. We can work with this.

Later. OK, moved the pictures to a small thumb drive and placed it into an envelop to then head out the door to the post office, the sun shining. Nothing seemed to be happening on the apartment construction site and neither of the two vehicle access points were open, so on to the post office without taking a picture.

Mailed the drive and picked up some padded envelopes for the next time I have to mail one of these things. On to the morning restaurant for a turkey and Swiss cheese (white slab of something that comes in a package they call Swiss cheese, anyway) sandwich with lemonade as I was definitely hungry.

They'd blocked off all the parking on both sides of the street in front of my café as of seven this morning and I was curious why. A long line of trucks had parked in these spaces by the time I left breakfast this morning and, walking by them on my way to lunch, I couldn't tell what they were and what they were there for. One truck looked like it was full of clothes on hangers, another more an elaborate office on wheels and people were standing around seemingly doing nothing.

Ah, a movie shoot of some kind at The Alley, a hole in the wall bar of a kind I might have hung out in when I was (much) younger. Lots of light stands, reflectors and other such stuff on the sidewalk. Enough stuff it would fill The Alley three times over if they ever wanted to move all of it inside. No pictures, although I would have taken some if any had popped up under my nose. Hollywood, here in Oakland, and so on back to the apartment, my tasks for the day done.

No word on the Google glass. They ship them overnight when they ship, but who knows? The bank says the credit card payment is good, but “pending”, and the Google web site stays mum. Sit down, cool our jets, forget it. If it comes, it comes; if it doesn't, we've saved money.

Later still. An attempt at a nap. The head/sinuses-upper palate active, not so much tired as a bit disconnected. As always? The new normal? Maybe so, been thus for a while.

Out the door to get out the door again, one lone surveyor working at the construction site, a walk along Grand to poke the camera through an open section of the canvas fence to note the equipment, the lack of workers and that was that.

Over to the lake. The sun really nice, warm, I didn't need the sweater, but it wasn't so warm to wish I'd left it behind. A picture to show how the lake has cleared since the rains. Not sure how much of it goes away on its own and how much has to do with the volunteer crews who circle the lake fishing it out. No soccer balls, anyway, more than a few when I walked the same path on Tuesday.

Back now, hungry. Some bills to pay online and a couple of Inspector Lewis episodes later this evening. That will keep me up if I can't rationalize a way around them and go to bed.

Evening. Some time spent working on one of the old Rip Off Press scans, going through the negatives and scanning one or two new ones. I have quite a few, most of them not very good to really not very good, but I do have some I haven't scanned that aren't bad. The problem is all the dust on the negatives. It takes forever to get rid of it. Anyway, I'm spotted out, we'll watch Democracy Now and play guitar.

The photo up top was taken on Grand near the theater yesterday morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.