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February 12, 2014

Can Become Evil
Wednesday. To bed at nine, up fifteen minutes after the alarm to head out to breakfast with a clear, albeit somewhat sleepy, head. Seems a good start to a day, we'll keep our fingers crossed. Little to do, much to do: it all depends on how it all turns out.

What does that mean?

I have no idea other than we seem to be starting with a head of (clear headed) steam.

Later. I was talking with one of the tenants here in the building who mentioned so-and-so, another tenant, would often set off for a morning walk, then stop and turn around realizing he'd forgotten something. A story you share after a certain age, more about what we're seeing or perhaps at some level dreading in ourselves than anything about the person in the story.

This late morning I set out for the post office to mail a birthday card, after having gone out earlier to the bank and then to a card shop near the bank for the card, realizing, when I reached the corner, I'd done everything required except affix a stamp. First time for me, deedle-dee-dee.

Otherwise a good day, not tired, but some vision oddities when I was first setting out for the bank that cleared up by the time I was walking home. Add being tired to it and you have the mix I was describing yesterday, lack of sleep adding just enough additional to the mix to push it into unpleasant. No complaints, feeling good this morning, not tired, taking a couple of pictures as I was walking, but another lesson in why we need to get to sleep at a decent hour. Ten at the latest. Hup.

I've paid some attention to the Google glass announcements and have wondered now and again how it might be used for street photography. A passing interest, not at all sure it would be all that useful, especially since wearing them in most circumstances would make you make you a pariah. We don't like to think of ourself as a pariah.

Well, yesterday, day before, I ran across a story that linked to the Google glass website where you can apply to order one. No guarantee you'd be selected, particularly if you weren't a developer, but you can put your name on a list for evaluation. Which I did. “Street photographer - daily”, was what I entered.

This morning they emailed to say I could order one, which I did. One that came with clip on sun glasses. It will take something like a week to arrive. Of course my bank flagged the payment as a potential fraud transaction, a first for this, but I cleared that up and now sit wondering “what have I done”? I really can't afford to spend this kind of money on a whim. Will I use it? Them? I guess I'll find out.


Well, if it turns out they're not useful I'll at least have a new pair of sun glasses.

Which you'll never wear because no one will trust you when they see what they are.

Later. Some work on a half dozen black and white portraits taken in the early seventies and scanned from film to send to a publisher for a comix collection. Reminded me why I do like the move photography's made to digital, those old photographs, developed by a fellow in San Francisco (where I was living then) who specialized in film. Where did all that dust come from? Hours of spot removal. Crappy bad exposure and focus on half of them. Still, it will be nice to see them in print.

Evening. Nothing on television. I haven't even looked at what's playing in the way of foreign detective episodes at nine. To bed early. Yes. We'll be good this evening as Elementary Thursdays can become evil.

The photo up top was taken this morning at the apartment construction site with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.