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February 8, 2014

A Different Idea
Saturday. To bed by ten and soon after then to sleep, up this morning feeling pretty good and heading off for breakfast in the rain. It's been raining throughout the night and, they're saying, it will rain throughout the weekend. No complaints (he said with reasonable honesty, not wanting to go into an extended period of not flushing the toilet but a couple of times a day as we did during that last drought.

Cross your fingers and toes.

An article in today's Times on the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show fifty years ago tomorrow. I had the thought we've entered well into a period where many if not most people are too young to remember any of those times, the British Invasion, just another history lesson to them along with the other history lessons to be read about in a book. Just a passing thought, no reason to obsess. My sister was in that audience, a bit of history the two of us won't forget.

My parents and uncles didn't reminisce about the times when they were teenagers and in their twenties. It could well be because I've never been one to ask (something I've wondered about in myself), but also because their generation had stricter rules in talking of such things, answers never given for questions never asked. Maybe my cousins had a different experience or maybe that's just the way it works: each generation has a beginning, a middle and an end that only they really know and have some built in reticence to share.

Later. A walk outside with a camera to take all of two pictures of the apartment construction project. Looks like they're ready to start drilling holes to set the supports for the foundation in place. I wonder if there's rock layer down there to support it? The fence surrounding the area is wrapped in canvas to keep observers (with cameras) out and I didn't feel like climbing up on top of something to take a proper photograph.

Later still. Yesterday I remembered I'd forgotten the latest episode of Elementary was running on Thursday evening (having been somewhat distracted) and then discovered CBS hadn't posted it on their web site on Friday the day after as they have in the past. Remembered again today and (oh, dear) there it was. Talk about playing loose with the Sherlockian Canon, though. Holmes the invincible calculating machine, but otherwise damaged. But I babble.

Another very brief walk out the door, as there hasn't been much rain this late morning and early afternoon, another picture of the apartment site and then a brief excursion over to the lake to take but two pictures before returning to the apartment. We've run out of the usual diversions useful in keeping us from our guitar practice and so that's the next afternoon project. Task. Whatever.

Are you really avoiding it or are you really, really avoiding it?

Not so much avoiding it as not finding it to be particularly magnetic at the moment. We'll start, we'll play the chord sequences, they'll sound better, and the attitude will change. If that's avoidance, then that's avoidance, but we're hard core here and we have a rock and roll career to make.

Are there still such things as rock and roll careers as opposed to hip hop, dub-step, DnB, techno and the rest?

What do I know? I'm just the guitar player.

Evening. A Netflix movie in the early evening. I'm not sure this is how one should spend a Saturday night. Or, one would imagine (I would imagine) any other night more than now and then. So often it makes you wonder about it. This is, however, America. Certainly the culture requires us to watch movies at least once a week (if not two a day).

I did spend some decent time on the guitar, though. Not practicing in proper guitar playing posture by both watching the movie on the computer and playing lying back in the chair, but my rationale is it toughens me up, broadens my ability to play in and under all circumstances. I haven't run this particular rationale by my guitar teacher, though. He may have a different idea.

The photo up top was taken today along Grand with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.