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February 7, 2014

Out Of The Deal
Friday. A gentle reminder last night why I stopped drinking alcohol as, after nine, in the middle of the first of the Inspector Lewis episodes, I felt dry mouthed and distracted, turned everything off (I'd seen this particular episode before, but had no idea who'd done it), went to bed and then immediately to sleep. A “gentle” reminder in the sense there were no trips to Wonderland, just, you know, just a pat on the knuckles. No complaints. A slight price to pay for enlightenment.

The pavement is dry this morning but it's overcast, looks like rain and the weather people are saying we have a good sized storm coming through later today and then over the weekend. So good. (Our visible in public “good”.) I've been thinking of documenting the apartment house construction going on down at the bottom of my street and so maybe I'd better get outside right now when it's still dry and take pictures. A sign the attitude is good at least.

Later. A quick walk out the door and down the hill to take those pictures at the construction site, they are making good progress in cleaning up the crap and preparing for the construction to start. It was starting to rain, not hard, but you had the feeling it was going to get harder and so no trip to the lake but a return to the apartment. I wonder what it's going to be doing when the guitar lesson comes up at two-thirty? Interesting fly in the ointment.

Later still. Who knows how these buses run? Caught the bus one bus ahead of the usual time slot I'd usually take as per my thoughts when one didn't come at all on Tuesday and had lunch in the Rotunda building, taking it easy and arriving at the guitar lesson right on time. Fine. So far, so good. Raining, of course, harder than it had been this morning, and so, the lesson done, out to wait for a bus. And wait, and wait, and wait.

To cut to the chase: home well after four after standing and waiting (and waiting and waiting - at least I was sheltered by a building). So a little grumpy, but not too grumpy or I'd not give this a rest.

The guitar didn't get wet?

No. The case, yes, it's sitting in front of the hot air heater and I left the camera home which means I missed a picture or two and plan on not leaving it in the future. A nice convenient plastic bag easily protects a camera, something we learned long ago in the rain.

Evening. Friday evening, New Tricks at seven and then Death In Paradise at nine, both of which I watched in a reasonably good mood. A phrase from a movie comes to mind: “he is easily amused”. Better easily than hard, I suppose, as long as you don't mind people looking at you funny when they learn of your habits.

Funny as in old man always walking about with a camera, even in the rain and the dark?

At least you get some pictures out of the deal.

The photo up top was taken along Grand Avenue last week with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.