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Here In Oakland

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February 6, 2014

Floats At Ten
Thursday. Rain last night, rain early this morning as I got up with the alarm at six, rain as I headed off to breakfast, but easing up as I was returning home. No rain out there now, although that could easily be temporary. Such is the morning, such is the rain, such is the start to another Thursday. What do people say otherwise about Thursdays? Friday is special, Mondays are (traditionally) depressing, Saturday nights once held the spotlight and Sundays are for rest, dinners and religion.

And that's about it. The day ahead. A walk in store? If it doesn't rain, yes, although I'm still sitting here totally burned out about walking to any of the usual places. Probably not altogether unusual in the scheme of things. Can't blame it on age, on sloth or sugar.

Later. A good nap, up to head outside bundled up for what turned out to be an overcast misty day, not rain, but then again not really dry. No need to protect the camera.

They are still working on the apartment house construction project at the base of the hill, the two scoop loaders they have on site making progress. A quick picture or two before crossing over to the lake. The lake calm, one lone walker making his way along the shore, a picture to take a picture before heading back. Cold without being overly cold outside, but nice to get back inside a warm apartment.

So what to do for lunch? A turkey burger across the street? Doesn't much appeal. Some more of the spaghetti with red clam sauce? I suspect, although I can go for a while before I start moving on anything like that. We'll see. Some guitar now just to see if I can start early. I suspect there's another Netflix thing in my near future, at least it's more enticing than red clam sauce and whatever it is they're calling turkey.

Are we complaining?

No really. Growing up in Seattle until the age of twelve accustomed me to rain, what was called rain in a place where people would be watering their lawn when it was raining to be sure it got enough. So there's a feeling of home in today's weather, a time to turn on the heat and occasionally put your nose to the window to see what's going on outside.

Later still. Well, a nap and then spaghetti and then a walk to the drive-in across the way for a turkey burger, hold the onions. Still dark and overcast, but no rain, just a bit of a breeze and a puddle or two on wet pavement. It looks as if they've pretty much cleaned out all the broken cement for the apartment construction area, but no way to get a decent picture.

Evening. An odd start to an evening. Still hungry after the spaghetti and turkey burger so a walk over to the 7-11 look-alike for a pint of ice cream (strawberry, at least, no taking chances with any form of chocolate) and, well, a small bottle of Jack Daniels. How long has it been? Been a while.

The ice cream went down quickly while watching another of the Korean soaps, this one not so incredibly dorky while still, unfortunately, carrying on with a cartoonish story line, and the whiskey took somewhat longer. Felt hesitant after the first two shots, we'll hold off on the third. Remembering now why I haven't had any in quite a while. If I go into an ocular episode I'll remember more.

And then wait for another week or two before you do it again?

Well, we were feeling rather up and a little buzzy. Maybe that brings on the urge. I do seem to go through this same door over and over, quite aware of the past, but going on without a second thought.

Not everyone would call that thinking.

Let's see how it goes. The evening is young, there's another couple of Inspector Lewis episodes starting at eight, let's see if our boat still floats at ten.

The photo up top was taken along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.