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February 5, 2014

Maybe Ten After
Wednesday. I did watch the first hour of the Italian detective episode last night and decided I'd had enough, didn't need to push myself on through any more of it and went to bed just after ten. Took a while to get to sleep, but get to sleep I did. Hup. Not quite a gold star as it was still too late by the time I got to sleep, but better than the alternative.

Bright sun this morning, so I guess we had whatever rain they were forecasting last night. We'll enjoy the day, encourage rain for later. Not altogether patriotic to ask for more sun, at least here right now in California.

Yes, I follow global warming, read the reports of the new studies as they're released and it doesn't look good for any of us here on this particular planet. The problem isn't so much it's clearly going to get bad as the fact the the studies more and more point to it becoming terminal for most of its inhabitants.

I wonder how many people understand there's real chance we could be not just inconveniencing ourselves but killing us outright? Of course, with the potential for nuclear war, maybe we've gotten used to hanging under the sword, but still. Who'd a thought we'd go, not with a bang, but a sizzle?

Now, now.

Later. I see the weather people are now saying rain tonight with rain showers or potential rain showers through the weekend, our earlier in the week forecast of rain today, gone tomorrow, no longer current. Which is good, the more the better.

You mean that? Really?

The rational side of the brain says yes, at least for public consumption, so we'll go with it. Hup!

A walk over to the lake, passing by the apartment house construction site. Looks like they're getting serious. Nothing happening along the lake, one or two people walking their dogs, one or two people doing stretch exercises at the white column pergola, otherwise a quick walk and back to the apartment for a nap. Cold out there, wore a sweater and a winter jacket.

Later still. Although the head is clear (etc. etc.), trying to think of a place I'd like to walk to or take a bus to or drive to turned out to be impossible, so a walk out the door to take another picture or two of the construction site and then to cross the street and surveil the lake. Nothing happening at the lake other than a bus headed toward the morning restaurant that pulled up to where I was standing.

OK, on the bus thinking I could take it all the way to Berkeley (when was the last time I'd taken a bus to Berkeley?) and then got right off at the morning restaurant to have a Valentine cookie (pretty good, actually, no chocolate) and coffee out at a table on their patio, the heavy winter jacket and sweater more than enough to keep me warm. Sun, yes, but cool. Cold. We call this cold in California.

A walk then back to the apartment. Guitar now, I think, we want to be prepared on Friday. Otherwise we'll let the day unfold as it will, try to sneak in another nap.

Even later still. A second wind? Maybe it's a first wind. Feel good. Picked up the guitar and played without effort. Or cajoling. Good.

The afternoon moves forward, another spaghetti with red clam sauce dinner. Nothing I can see coming up on television later this evening so maybe we will get to bed early.

As you said yesterday and the day before and the day before that. Give it a rest.

A rest. My thought exactly.

Evening. To bed a nine to read for perhaps half an hour and then to sleep. By ten? Well, maybe ten after.

The photo up top was taken at the Anti-Fracking demonstration Monday at the Oakland Federal Building with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.