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Here In Oakland

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February 9, 2014

For A Generation
Sunday. A German detective program last night at nine I'd not heard of before and so, having gone to bed around eight and not been able to sleep, I got up and watched it for about an hour before deciding it wasn't worth losing more sleep and returned to bed at ten and arise at seven. Progress on all this late to bed every night business? Why not?

Anyway, up and out the door to breakfast in a relatively heavy rain, crossing the intersection on Grand in front of the Grand Lake theater to be hit on the back bumper by a car behind me to my left. Tapped is more accurate, a light contact, the right front of the other car sliding along more than hitting the very back of my car near the tail light. And so we both pulled over, looked over the damage (hard to find), exchanged information and that was pretty much it.

This is a four lane intersection with two straight through lanes in each direction but with a third left turn only lane to the highway on just one side which means the two straight through lanes curve to the left fairly sharply in order to line up with two lanes (without a left turn only lane) on the other side. You need to be careful the car to your left (if you're in the far right lane) sees the turn and doesn't cross the line into your lane. I drive through this intersection at least once a day and yet this morning, in the dark and the rain, I didn't see that the car to the left and behind me hadn't negotiated the curve.

You're sure that's what happened?

Oddly not. I was briefly distracted as I usually watch the people to my left quite closely to be sure they're negotiating the turn and this time I obviously didn't. Some don't and the young woman who was driving mentioned she was her first time driving through. But I'm not exactly sure what happened. Again, distracted (but in my lane).

And so it would be interesting to see a video of the thing. No damage really, perhaps a small crease in her bumper (it looks more like a blue reflection from the theater marquee after discovering it doesn't seem to show up in the second picture), although creases of any size are usually expensive to fix.

I didn't see any scrapes or damage to my car, although we'll look again tomorrow when the light and the weather are better. A head's up: watch the cars in front, the cars beside you or behind you to the left, particularly when it's raining in the dark near the 580 overpass.

Later. Rain through the early afternoon until now when it looks like there's a break, perhaps lasting through the rest of today and tomorrow when the weather people are talking about a chance of showers. Which means I headed out the door with a camera to check the apartment construction site (nothing going on, as expected) and then over to the lake to find but one or two of the usual suspects. Coots and gulls and one lone runner from the look of it, the gulls are usually the last ones to disappear.

Can't think of anything I'm willing to eat so we'll sit until I get hungry enough to make a move. I'll probably end up with the spaghetti, as I did yesterday, a waffle with fruit for breakfast (with a side order of toast as I was hungry after I'd finished) and now a late afternoon dinner. I've been running two pounds under the target so no complaints, no reason to adjust the eating, although I've been entertaining a thought of targeting one fifty-five rather than one-sixty.

You're talking about food and weight?

Not much else going on. Nothing on television, I'm up to here with the Netflix mix (and most every other “mix”) so we're, well, just pooping along and avoiding picking up one of the guitar that are looming over there in the distance.

Food, weight and guitar. Maybe if you paid more attention to your pictures?

We are fine with our pictures.

Evening. Slow day, I'd say. I did bump into a 50th Anniversary of the Beatles Ed Sullivan debut performance on CBS and watched the thing with some annoyance (ads out the ears) and with some nostalgia. I was at school in Seattle then, but my sister was still in high school and had a close friend who's father had clout enough at CBS to arrange for tickets, so they were both in that audience (that's she at the upper right). The Beatles, whoever, whatever they were, provided the soundtrack for a generation.

The photo up top appeared in the March 26, 1964 edition of the New York World Telegram and Sun and was taken at the Beatles performance fifty years ago today on the Ed Sullivan Show, my sister is at the upper right.